Riding Mower Replacement Parts Buying Guide

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Riding Mower Replacement Parts Buying Guide

Lawn mowers are an essential tool for anyone who needs to maintain a lawn, and a riding mower is a great choice for those who have a particularly large stretch of land that they need to maintain. Maintaining a riding mower is important to ensure that it will run properly and perform well, and sometimes it may become necessary to purchase replacement parts. All kinds of parts are needed for riding mowers, including tyres, wheels, blades, and belts, which may at some point need to be replaced. Parts for a riding mower will have to match the brand and type of mower, and an enormous range can be found on eBay.

Maintaining Riding Mower Parts

It may not always be necessary to replace a riding mower part, and it can often be easier and more affordable to clean up and repair a mower part. Sometimes, though, a part may have become too damaged to continue to be safely used.

· Many riding mower parts require regular maintenance to ensure continued operation. Eventually, however, these parts will need to be replaced.

· The carburettor, for example, will frequently need to be cleaned out. This part plays a key role in regulating the amount of air and petrol that flows into the engine, and if it malfunctions there is a risk of the engine flooding, which can lead to more damage.

· Spark plugs are another part of the mower that will require frequent maintenance. These are responsible for initiating the ignition of the petrol and air in the engine, which causes it to run, and it may be difficult to start the engine if they are damaged or dirty, or the engine may not be able to start at all. Spark plugs can be cleaned easily with a wire brush, though may have eventually be replaced.

· The blade of a lawn mower may have to be sharpened in order to keep it performing optimally, while trying to ensure that a lawn is free and clear of stones and other debris can help to prevent damage to the blade and make it last longer.

· When a part has been heavily damaged, or simply worn out completely from general wear and tear, it will have to be replaced.

Key Riding Mower Parts


A key part of a riding mower is the seat, the part upon which the rider sits. This part can vary greatly from simple, moulded seats made of padded plastic, to larger designs featuring arms. The seat may not have to be replaced as frequently as other mower parts, though a user may opt to replace their seat with a type that they prefer.

Ignition Switch

Rather than making use of the pull starters often used on push mowers, riding mowers feature an ignition switch to start the engine. The failure of an engine to start may point to a faulty ignition switch.


The band is the part of the lawn mower which causes the blade to spin, and therefore undergoes a great deal of wear. Over time, bands can come to spin loose, which will make the mower function less effectively. Bands may have to be replaced more often than other parts, as they undergo the most stress, along with the blade itself.


The blade is the part of the mower that cuts the grass, and is essential to the purpose of the machine. Blades can last for some time if stones and other potential obstacles are avoided, and can be sharpened to prolong their usefulness. They will, however, eventually have to be replaced.

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is responsible for carrying petrol from the tank and to the engine. If the engine splutters and fails to start, it could be a sign that the fuel pump needs to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.

Brake Pads

Riding mowers feature brakes in order to allow the driver to stop the vehicle effectively, and are required for safe operation. The brake pads are a key part of the brake system, and can wear down over time. They will have to be replaced more regularly if the mower is often used on slanted ground.


Unlike push mowers, riding mowers require tyres. Tyres may have to be replaced if they are damaged, or too worn. They can help the mower grip, and can also often be designed to avoid damaging mowed grass. It is important for tyres should be maintained at a proper pressure for them to function properly.


Wheels are another key part of a riding motor, and are required to allow the riding mower to move. Wheels may become cracked or damaged by debris, though they may not have to be replaced as frequently as some other components.


The throttle of a mower can be used to regulate the amount of fuel and air, which reaches the engine, allowing the user to regulate the amount of power they have.

Replacing Mower Parts

When replacing a lawn mower part, there are a few key factors to consider.

· It is important to match a part to the brand and model of riding mower. This ensures that a replacement part will fit into a mower, and function properly. There may be other specifications of a part that have to be considered. For example, the size or power of a component.

· Safety should always be kept in mind. Before beginning work on a riding mower, ensure that it is securely in place, and will not start. Work on some areas may require draining the petrol tank or disconnecting the spark plug.

· Wearing old clothes, or overalls when working on a mower maybe a good idea. This can help prevent oil or dirt onto clothes.

How to Buy Riding Mower Replacement Parts on eBay

A variety of riding mower replacement parts, as different types of lawn mowers and other gardening equipment, can be found on eBay.

· The listings of available replacement mower parts can be found in the Lawnmower Accessories, Parts section of the Gardening category, which can be accessed in the Home & Garden portal.

· The listing of available lawnmower parts and accessories can be narrowed down by price and condition.

· Important information about an item, such as the type of part and what kind of mower it is for, will often be prominently displayed in the item listing. This makes it easy to quickly identify a needed part.

· More detailed information can be accessed on the item page, along with information about the seller, such as item ratings and feedback reviews. This helps to ensure that a purchase can be made with confidence.

· If looking for a particular part, it may be easier to use the search function, which can be found at the top of every page. Entering a key word into the search bar will return results from across the site, or from within a selected category.

· Look out for any available deals on lawn mower parts that may be found under the Gardening section.


Lawn mowers are a key tool in maintaining a lawn, and riding mowers can make mowing a very large space easier. Riding mowers feature a large number of moving parts, some of which have to be maintained regularly in order to continue functioning properly. Eventually, however, a part may have to be replaced. It is important when finding a replacement part for a riding mower that the part is made for the model of riding mower, in order to ensure proper functioning. A wide variety of lawn mower parts to fit all kinds of mower can be found on eBay.

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