Second Hand Clothing

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Second Hand Clothes - A whole new world of opportunity - But also a whole new world of dissapointment. There is absoulutly nothing worse then purchasing somthing on the internet to find out it is nothing like you ever expected, Second Hand Clothing, in my opinion would be the biggest market for dissapointed. Below are a couple of point I would strongly suggest you consider if and when selling second hand clothing.

The old saying about honesty is the best policy couldnt be a more perfect motto for selling second hand clothes. Theres no need to jazz up you descrition to make these clothes sound brand new. If people are willing to buy second hand they would assume the are second hand. By making the clothes sound brand new you are only losing credit for your ebay name.
To put it simply - Sell it as it is, Im sure personally you wouldnt be happy if you bid and won a "top in immaculate condition" only to find out it wasnt washed before posted and been in a smokey house. Yet it you listed it as that, the person buying it would know exactly what to expect. Dont be affraid to list things as they are, you will most likly end up with more bids because of the honesty, if somthing looks to good to be true people wont bid, If it looks true theres a huge chance people will bid. Plus buyers are aware that its so simple to put it through the wash when their parcel arrives and air it out to get rid of the smell.
Another way of ensure bids is to put pictures, accurate pictures. Both front and back of clothing, And be sure to list all the measurments.
And most of, with all ebay listings be sure to list all conditions on your sale in the auction, makes it easier because if somone places a bid and later refuses to make payment the way you wanted...then you have proof that you did have it written.
Best of luck and welcome to the world of second hand clothing.

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