Secondhand Books

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I sell secondhand books on Ebay and love it.  I want to share with other people, how I did it and how you can also sell items on Ebay successfully.
This guide will provide suggestions on how to achieve this.

Getting Started

The real good thing about selling second hand books on ebay is that you can get into it with very little upfront costs to you.  You can probably get your first load of books for free by raiding your own shelves and asking your friends and family to donate any spare books.

Types of Books

Books are everywhere. That’s the great thing about selling books. The catch is that most of them won't sell in a million years.
So you need to research, research and more research. 
Whatever product you decide to sell on eBay such as secondhand books, clothing or toys, do your research find out what products sell, how much they sell for and also find out what other sellers that sell similar items on ebay are doing. 
Try and find books that are speciality books such as collecting stamps. If you sell a book that is very popular you are going to have a hard time trying to sell this book, and you won't be able to get a good price.  People are willing to pay for books that are hard to find. I find that non fiction sells better than fiction.  I love to sell pregnancy and parenting books.  As I feel that I have knowledge in this area.


Become an expert in what you are selling. Become a master in that field.
I find it best to start with the type of books that you are interested in, doing some research and listing these books.  At first you may not make much money,  but within months you will develop an eye for books that will sell. You will know not only what books are worth, but also how long they will take to sell.  This is the fun part.
To make a profit on eBay, the seller needs to be able to not only describe the condition of the item but also how much it costs to ship.  You need to create interest when describing your item.  Create excitement.  The buyer needs to become interested in the item that you are selling, therefore you will encourage them to purchase your items for sale.
Example, if you are selling a book on World War I, then discuss how the book clearly outlines the benefits of the owning this book on World War I.  People are not just purchasing a book, they are purchasing a story and its history.  They are buying a way to improve their lives.  Explain to them why they should read it.


Make your listings stand out.  Use key words so the buyer can easily find your item. A catchy title is the best way. You need to stand out.
Cross market yourself as much as possible.  Put in your listing check out my other auction items.
Ensure a repeat customer base an email at the end of the sale, also points to your ebay store. Ask bidders to add you to their list of favourite sellers. Include courtesy gifts with your delivery.  People just love free gifts.
List in multiple categories, multiple types of items, and high demand items. This is helpful in cross promotion such as linking between auction listings, and when you are selling many of the same type of item that could be categorized in several ways.

The End

Selling secondhand books does take a lot of work.  But it is also fun.  I have written this guide to help sellers not just books on ebay but to effectively research, promote, market and sell their items on eBay. If you are looking for ways to improve your selling skills, simply look at how your competitors, what are they selling and how much.  Because they are doing something right. 
I hope from reading this guide that you learned something new and I hope that it assists your selling on ebay.

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