Spray Tanning

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Hi, if you are looking for spray tanning equipment and accessories the most important piece of equipment to look for is the HVLP Spray Tanning Gun!!!!  There are so many Chinese Spray Guns out there at the moment, its hard to know which way to turn.  They may be okay for a while but, eventually they will only cause you trouble :-(  and not many suppliers carry spare parts for them!!

The HVLP Spray Gun from "Complete Tanning Solutions" is the very best HVLP Spray Tanning Gun available on today's market.  The 1mm needle is machined from one piece of stainless steel, not just dipped in stainless steel and glued together! You also receive a 12 month warranty with our gun and we always carry spare parts.

We manufacture our spray tanning solution in smaller batches to ensure freshness and stability. We also package our solution in smaller 200ml size bottles so your solution is always fresh.  Our solution is manufactured from organic raw materials, special botanical ingredients and essential oils.
We can also supply you with Disposable G-Strings, Hair Caps, Stick on Feet, Exfoliating Gloves, Tanning Mitts and Special Exfoliating Mitts.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in your research and hope that we have been able to help :-)

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