Star Wars Lego that was available to Australia

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This is a guide for fellow eBay members and collectors of Star Wars Lego. This guide will help you, in researching Star Wars lego sets that came to Australia and those that didn't. This should help you in deciding whether the set you are looking for is as hard to find as it appears. 

 A lot of sets did make it to retail stores in Australia but because it was only short supply there is a theory that some of these sets were never released in Australia. This isnt the case. So the list below is where I purchased sets from General Retail means they were available at several stores at the time or were able to be ordered ie: BigW,KMart,Target,ToysRus,Toyworld,Toy Kingdom,Myer,David Jones Lego website.etc..etc. if they were only available at a particular store I have named the store in question.

Now when purchasing your star wars sets loose be sure that they are complete and parts havent been substituted including minifigs. This is an important question to be asked as the colour of the pieces in  some star wars sets is similar but not exact. There is a lot of sellers on ebay now who aren't collectors but have come across big lots of lego, this is why it is important to ask questions before bidding.

When buying them sealed in boxes consider how you would like to receive them squashed and damaged  in a satchel or the way they left the seller in a mailing box. Remember as a buyer it is your choice. I personally dont use satchels except for posting smaller items (minifigs or pieces)

I have been a lego collector since the mid 80's and have collected the Star Wars lego line since it was released in 1999.


7101 Lightsaber Duel  (General Retail)

7110 Landspeeder  (General Retail)

7111 Droid Fighter (General Retail)

7121 Naboo Swamp (General Retail) (R.R.P 12.95)

7130 Snowspeeder (General Retail)

7128 Speeder BIkes (General Retail) (R.R.P 19.95)

7131 Anakin Skyywalkers Podracer (General Retail)

7140 XWing Fighter (General Retail)

7141 Naboo Fighter (General Retail)

7150 Darth Vaders Tie Fighter and Y Wing (General Retail)

7151 Darth Mauls Sith Infiltrator (General Retail) Toyworld clearance $19.95

7161 Gungan Sub (General Retail) (Big W clearance $39.95)

7171 Mos Espa Podrace ( General Retail)


7104 Desert Skiff (General Retail)

7115 Gungan Patrol (General Retail)

7124 Flash Speeder (General Retail) ( Was also Available in a lego bag with Final Duel 1 and Mini Millennium Falcon  ($15)

7134 A Wing Fighter (General Retail)

7144 Boba Fetts Slave 1 (General Retail)

7155 AAt Tank (general Retail)

7159 Pod Race Bucket ( General Retail)

7180 B Wing Fighter (General Retail)

7184 Trade Federation MTT (General Retail)

7190 Millennium Falcon (General Retail)

2000 also the introduction of the UCS series range with 7181 Tie Interceptor and 7191 X Wing Fighter (General Retail) Both of these were cleared out at KMart down to as low as $45 and $60 respectively


7106 Droid Pod Escape (General Retail)

7126 Battle Droid Carrier (General Retail)

7127 At St walker with Chewbacca ( General Retail) (R.R.P $19.95)

7146 Tie Fighter ( General Retail) (Cleared at Toys R Us in 2002 in large quantities for $19.95 each)

7166 Imperial Shuttle (General Retail)

7186 Wattos Junkyard (Toyworld/ToysRUS) (R.R.P $99.95

10019 UCS Blockade Runner ( ToysRUS yes in Australia Sale price was around $230)


7103 Jedi Duel (General retail)

7113 Tusken Raider Encounter (General Retail)

7119 Twin Pod Cloud Car (general retail) (R.R.P was $19.95)

7133 Bounty Hunter Pursuit (General Retail) (Cleared out as low as $24)

7139 Ewok Attack (General retail)

7142 X-wing (NOT released in Australia)

7143 Jedi Starfighter (General Retail) (cleared out at $16)

7152 Tie Fighter and Y-Wing (ToysRUs)

7153 Jango Fetts Slave 1 (General Retail) (cleared out as cheap as $40)

7163 Republic Gunship (General retail) (cleared out at 50%off) (R.R.P $179.95)

7194 UCS Yoda (General Retail)

7200 Final Duel 1 (General Retail) (R.R.P 12.95)

7201 Final Duel 2 (General Retail) (R.R.P 12.95)

7203 Jedi Defense 1 (General Retail) (R.R.P 12.95)

7204 Jedi defense 2 (General Retail) (R.R.P 12.95)

10026 UCS Naboo Fighter (lego website)

10030 UCS Imperial Star Destroyer (David Jones) ($399.95)


4475 Jabbas Message (General Retail) (R.R.P 12.95) Cleared as low as $5

4476 Jabbas Prize (General Retail) (R.R.P 12.95) Cleared as low as $5

4477 T16 Skyhopper (General Retail)

4478 Geonosian Fighter (both Black and Blue boxes general retail)

4479 Tie Bomber (General Retail)

4480 Jabbas Palace (General Retail) (cleared at BigW for $19.95)

4481 Hailfire droid (General Retail)

4482 AT-TE (General Retail)

4483 AT AT walker (General Retail) (Cheapest price was at KMart, as low as $110)

10123 Cloud City (KMART) (cleared out as low as $60 Thats right $60)

10129 UCS Snowspeeder (Kmart)


4500 Snowspeeder (General Retail)

4501 Mos Eisley Cantina (both Boxes available general retail)

4502 XWing with yodas Hut (General Retail)

4504 Millennium Falcon (reissue) (General Retail) (also available with 4500 taped to front of the box) ($120)

7262 Tie Fighter & YWing (toys r us)

10131 Tie Collection (David Jones/Toyworld) ($99.95)

10134 UCS Y Wing (KMart)


7250 Clone Scout Walker (General Retail) (R.R.P 12.95)

7251 Darth Vaders Transformation (General Retail) (R.R.P 12.95)

7252 Droid TriFighter (General Retail)

7256 Vulture Droid and Jedi Starfighter (General Retail)

7255 General Grievous/Obi Wan Chase (General Retail)

7257 Ultimate Lightsaber Duel (BigW)

7259 ARC Fighter (General Retail)

7258 Wookiee Attack (General Retail)

7261 Clone Turbo Tank (General Retail)

7260 Wookkie Catamaran (General Retail)

7263 Tie Fighter with Darth Vader (General Retail)

7264 Imperial Inspection (Shuttle) (Toys R Us)

10143 UCS Death Star (Toyworld,Myer and Lego website)

10144 Sandcrawler (lego website and selected stores on the East Coast of Australia) (released at Toys-R-Us 2008) (also Toyworld)

7283 Ultimate Space Battle (never released in Australia)


6205 V Wing Fighter (General Retail)

6206 Tie Interceptor (General Retail)

6207 A Wing Fighter (General Retail)

6208 BWing Fighter (General Retail)

6209 Boba Fetts Slave 1 (General Retail)

6210 Jabbas Sail Barge (General Retail)

6211 Star Destroyer (General Retail)

6212 XWing Fighter (ToysRUs)

10174 (ToysRUs)

10175 UCS Darth Vaders Tie Fighter (Lego Website)


7654 Battle Pack droids (General Retail)

7655 Battle Pack Clone troopers (General Retail)

7657 ATST walker (General Retail)

7656 Grievous Starfighter (General Retail)

7658 Y wing Fighter (General Retail)

7659 Imperial Landing Craft (General Retail)

7660 Naboo Fighter (General Retail)

7661 Jedi Starfighter with obi wan and kit fisto (General Retail)

7662 Trade Federation MTT (Kmart)

7663 Darth Mauls Sith Infiltrator (General Retail)

7664 TIE Crawler (General Retail)

7665 Republic cruiser (Toys R Us)

7666 Hoth Rebel Base (Lego Shop at Home, Toys R Us) (re-released at toys-r-us in larger quantities 2008)


7667 Imperial Battle pack (general retail)

7668 Rebel Troopers pack (general retail)

7669 Anakins Starfighter (general retail) Released at Big W in Clone Wars packaging November 2008 (Also at Kmart in small quantities, cleared out for as low as $7)

7670 Droid pack ( Hailfire Doid and Spider Droid)(general retail) Released at Big W in Clone Wars packaging Nov 2008

7671 AT-AP walker (general retail)

7672 Rogue Shadow (general retail)

7673 Magnaguards Starfighter (Clone Wars)(general retail)

7674 V-19 Torrent (Clone Wars)(general retail)

7675 AT-TE Walker (Clone Wars)(general retail)

7678 Droid Gunship (Clone Wars)(general retail)

7679 Republic Tank (Clone Wars) (general retail)

7681 Separatist Spider Droid (Toys R Us)

10186 UCS General Grievous (KMart)



8014 Clone Battle Pack (General Retail)

8015 Assassin Droids (General Retail)

8016 Hyena Droid Bomber (General Retail)

8017 Darth Vader's Tie Fighter (General Retail)

8018 AAT. (General Retail)

8019 Republic Attack Shuttle (General Retail)

7748 Corporate alliance Tank Droid (General Retail)

7751 Ahsoka Starfighter (Toyworld)

8036 Separitists Shuttle (General Retail)

8037 Y Wing (General Retail)

8038 Battle of Endor (Toyworld)

8039 Venator Republic Attack Cruiser (BIG W)

10188 Death Star (this set was available exclusively at Kmart toy sale 2009 )( cleared out as low as $450)

10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker (KMart) (cleared out as low as $170, even less with %off sales)





I hope this helps you in ascertaining which sets were and weren't released in Australia.

Information is based on my own purchases and information provided by other Lego Star Wars collectors here in Australia. there is some smaller sets missing (mini sets and minifig packs which I will add shortly)

Thankyou to those who have contributed to this list as well.



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