The Best Headphones to Buy on a Budget

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The Best Headphones to Buy on a Budget

Listening to music in headphones is a great way to relax or stay entertained on the go. While there are many high-priced headphones used to play music from electronics that offer a great listening experience, there are also many affordable headphone options with great quality sound and easy portability. To learn more about the best headphones to buy when shopping on a budget, take a look at the list below.


Incipio f30

Incipio f30 headphones are a sturdy pair of headphones that offer close to a noise-cancelling experience. They are comfortable with padded earbuds, and they have a 38mm driver unit, which gives a full, rich sound with great bass. The Incipio f30 come in a range of colours, so they're a great choice for someone who likes to express their personality through their gear.


Shure SRH144

Of all the budget models of headphones, the Shure SRH144 looks the most like an expensive pair. The Shure has excellent bass, but it's also become popular for bright high sounds. The headphones come in black, and they are comfortably padded earphones. Additionally, they can be folded down for better storage.


JLab Epic

The JLab Epic headphones are small earbuds that offer a comfortable listening experience that is not bulky. They have 13-mm drivers, which is one of the largest sizes that can fit in a small earbud. The earbuds plug comfortably into the ear to block out other sound, and they come in a range of colours, including black and silver and blue and grey.


Panasonic Ergo-Fit

For one of the most affordable types of headphones that also offers a great listening punch, the best choice is the Panasonic Ergo-Fit. The Ergo-Fits are lightweight earbuds that are excellent to exercise or work out in. The Panasonic Ergo-Fits come in a rainbow of colours, so wearers can pick their favorite pair. They also are comfortable in the ear, with rubbery cushioning, so it feels good to wear them.



The AKG Y50 headphones are on the high end of the low-budget spectrum, but they deliver a sound that one would expect from a very high end pair. The headphones are stylish, with bright red, yellow, or blue accents and bold white branding, and they are comfortable, with plus-cushioning. The headphones also come in black. The headphones are designed to block out ambient noise, and they have a 3D axis folding mechanism to make them easy to store.


JVC Flats

Those who are fans of on-ear headphones will enjoy wearing the JVC Flats. The Flats are one of the lowest-priced, high-quality on-ear headphones available, and they offer comfortable cushioning so they feel good on the ears. The JVC Flats are also known for being lightweight, which makes them easy to tote around and store.

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