The Best Way How to Iron Bed Sheets

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to touch base with you today to give you the best tip I have had in a long time about ironing bed linen sheets. You will love it!!

All you have to do is once you have washed your sheets and it has gone through its spin cycle, iron the sheets whilst they are still damp, then hang them on the line to dry.

So simple and it makes so much sense. Reason being is they are already damp, the steam from the iron doesn't work so hard and it effortlessly takes out the creases.

After all these years I now question myself, "Why on earth would you steam iron dry sheets?" It just does not make any sense.

If you live in a area where it constantly rains or you don't have any place to hang your sheets, my tip to you would be to still iron the sheets damp, then evenly hang them over your dining chairs.

Seriously, you have to try it to believe it. It will make life much easier. 


Michelle Callaghan - Founder of Sagacity House of Linen

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