The Complete Guide to Buying Projecta Battery Chargers

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Projecta Battery Chargers Buying Guide

Projecta is one oft he leading Australian brand of battery-related products. Their range of products include chargers, solar panels, inverters, jump starters, and much more. This well-trusted and popular brand provides all the crucial items of battery-related equipment. Just as batteries come in a multitude of different sizes and types, so do their chargers. Therefore, it’s important for buyers to understand which type of charger they need to purchase, particularly if they are not familiar with electronics. A complete range of Projecta battery chargers can be found on eBay, usually at a lower cost compared to buying in-store.

Choosing a Projecta Battery Charger

There are several important considerations for buying a Projecta battery charger. While often the charger purchased will need to match the exact specifications of the battery it’s charging, some are capable of charging several different types of batteries.

Battery Type

As a general rule, find out which type of batteries a charger is able to charge before beginning a search online. There are several different types of rechargeable batteries, such as wet cell, absorbed glass mat, and gel cell. Sometimes, the same charger can work with different types of battery, although gel cells are the exception and require a special charger. To further confuse matters, some people use the term “gel cell” applied (incorrectly) to maintenance-free batteries. It’s therefore imperative for buyers to check the details, specifications, and compatibility of chargers with their batteries before making a purchase. This sort of information can be easily checked on eBay on the item description page. If the information is not available, buyers should not hesitate to contact the seller.

Battery Size

Battery size in this context refers not to the battery’s physical size, but to how much electricity it can store. Amp-hours are used to measure the battery size in these terms, and amps (A) are the units used to measure the power of a charger. These are two entirely different measurements, so it’s important to be able to distinguish between them when purchasing a battery charger.
The larger a battery is in relation to the charger, the longer charging will take. For example, a typical 50-amp car battery would take roughly six hours to charge with a 10-amp charger. The same charger would require around eleven hours to charge a 100-amp marine battery. Before buying a charger, buyers must decide how important it is for the charging process to be completed quickly.

Battery Charger Voltage

Another consideration when purchasing a Projecta battery charger is the voltage of the item. Different countries have different electrical standards and the charger must be compatible with the voltage standard of the country it’s being used in. Frequent travellers can invest in international chargers that can accept a variety of input voltages.
A charger’s voltage cannot be more powerful than the battery voltage. When charging several batteries together, users need to add up the voltage of the batteries to find the maximum volt rating for that particular charger. Some chargers use technology to sense when the battery is fully charged and automatically ends the charge which prevents overcharging. This is a worthwhile feature to consider in the buying process.


The environment that the battery charger will be used in is also an important consideration. For example, some chargers are water-resistant, some can tolerate extreme temperature variations, and others require protection from dust and excess humidity. The type of battery charger chosen may need to be influenced by the environment where it will be used or stored.

How to Buy Projecta Battery Chargers on eBay

eBay offers a wide range of Projecta battery chargers at reasonable prices. This range can easily be found by clicking on “Electronics” from the homepage and then on “Batteries, Chargers” on the resulting page. Buyers can then simply type the search term “Projecta” into the search bar at the top of the page, or they can narrow their search down further by choosing their particular battery type first. Buyers can also narrow down their options based on location, price, and shipping options. eBay Deals is also a good place to search for Projecta battery chargers as it offers buyers competitive prices, especially if buyers choose to bid on an item.


There are many different variants to consider when shopping for Projecta battery chargers, depending on the battery size and type, as well as the voltage and intended environment of the battery charger. A full range of Projecta battery chargers are offered on eBay, where discounts and deals can often be found.

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