The Complete Guide to Buying a Motorbike Wheel Stand

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Motorbike Wheel Stand

One of the essential tools for riders who like to perform upgrades on their motorbikes by themselves is the motorbike wheel stand. With this simple tool, bike owners can prop their bikes upright without worrying about the vehicle tipping over. Although a wheel stand is a very convenient tool to have, it is not necessary for all owners. After all, not everyone needs or wants to do the dirty work on their two-wheeled machine. Buyers can find motorbike wheel stands on eBay and local motorbike accessories suppliers. To make an informed purchase, bike owners should learn about the different kinds of wheel stands and their functions.

Why Use a Motorbike Wheel Stand?

There are a few types of motorbike wheel stands and each stand has its own function. The common use of a wheel stand is of course to support the bike and hold it vertically upright. Some bikes, such as cruisers, have centre stands that allow them to stand upright. However, many sport and other kinds of bikes only have a side stand, which, when used, allows the bike to stand with a slight tilt. Working on a bike with a tilt is not only sometimes challenging, but also dangerous as the bike is not very stable and can fall over.

Mechanics rely on wheel stands when working on a bike, from changing its wheels, to lubricating the chains. Bike owners can also benefit greatly from a stand as they can easily conduct maintenance and clean their bikes without worrying about its stability. For example, owners can use a stand while washing or cleaning their bikes, as well as when changing the engine oil. Some motorbike owners also prop their bikes up on wheel stands when they do not use the bike for long periods. Doing this keeps the tyres off the ground and helps them remain in excellent condition.

Types of Motorbike Wheel Stands

Choosing a wheel stand can be a challenge for some buyers because there are so many options available. When choosing the right kind of wheel stand for their bikes, owners should consider how much they are willing to spend on it, whether they need it, and what kind of work they plan to perform on their bikes. The main types of motorbike stands available on the market arewheel chocks,paddock stands, and roller wheel stands or wheel cleaning stands. Buyers can also purchase wheel balancing and truing stands. When buying a wheel stand, it is important for buyers to determine if it suitable for the front, rear, or both wheels.

Wheel Chock

A motorbike wheel chock stand has a section that comes in direct contact with the surface of a motorbike's tyre. It not only holds the bike vertically upright, but also securely grips its tyre to prevent any movement. Buyers can use this kind of stand to safely park their bikes when at home, in the workshop, or elsewhere. This stand also makes it easy for users to clean and maintain their bikes. A wheel chock stand is also great for securing a motorbike in place while transporting it in a trailer. However, owners cannot use this stand when changing the tyres on their bikes.

Paddock Stand

Compared to a wheel chock, a paddock stand supports a bike underneath its front and rear suspensions, instead of directly gripping the tyres. While this stand can also function like a wheel chock stand, it may be slightly less secure, especially when transporting a bike in a trailer. However, a paddock stand is more versatile than a wheel chock, as it allows users to not only clean and maintain their vehicles, but also remove the wheels. Since a paddock stand does not come in contact with the tyres, removing them and installing new tyres is an easy job.

Roller Wheel Stand

Also called a wheel cleaning stand, a roller wheel stand is much more compact than the other stands. It is just a flat metal bed with two rollers for a motorbike wheel to rest on. While using this stand, riders still need to place the bike side stand down, as it does not hold the bike up. Bike owners can use a wheel cleaning stand to easily clean the wheels of the bike. Riders can roll their bike wheels along the stand to clean them, and to lubricate the drive chain. Compared to other stands, a roller wheel stand is a simpler and often cheaper alternative that allows buyers to do simple wheel cleaning on their bikes.

Wheel Balancing and Truing Stand

When using a wheel balancing and a truing stand, bike owners have to remove their motorbike tyres and place them on the stands. A balancing stand functions to measure the weight distribution around a wheel, whereas a truing stand can determine if a wheel rotates true on its axis. Bike owners who need both these functions can find some stands with both a balancing and truing component.


When choosing a motorbike stand it is important to understand the types of wheel stands. The chart below helps the consumer to quickly and easily see the features of each type of motorbike stand.

Type of Motorbike Wheel Stand


Wheel Chock

Holds the bike vertically

Prevents movement by holding tyre firmly

Easy to transport so can be used anywhere

Paddock Stand

Supports the bike underneath its suspension

Very versatile

Can be used to change tyres on a bike

Can be used to clean wheels

Roller Wheel Stand

Very compact


Easy to use

Wheel Balancing and Truing Stand

Wheels need to be removed to use bike

Measures weight distribution around a wheel

The chart above allows the consumer to quickly and easily see the difference between the types of bike stands available.

How to Buy a Motorbike Wheel Stand on eBay

eBay has a range of new and used motorcycle stands available. On any eBay web page, you can look up terms such as ' motorcycle wheel chock'. Choose what you want based on the product's price, type, and size. To reduce the cost of your purchase, you can shop from a local seller, as many do not charge for shipping. To find wheel stands and other items at attractive prices, visiting eBay Deals is a good idea. A motorbike wheel stand is a great tool to help you take care of your bike and save costs from sending it to the workshop.

The Complete Guide to Buying a Motorbike Wheel Stand
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