The JB Hi Fi Connection

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There are several stores like JB Hi Fi which buy CD's on a no-return basis.  This allows the stores to get stock at very cheap prices, sell large volumes of CD's, and undercut other retailers.  This no-return policy also means that these stores regularly have large amounts of remainder stock which they discount down to ridiculously low prices (sometimes below their actual cost to the store).

JB Hi Fi (and other similar stores) regularly have discount bins of stock which has been sitting on their shelves for 12 months and which they wish to get rid of quickly at prices around $9.99 AUD (or less).  While a lot of these items are popular ex-chart CD's which are widely available some are very collectable hard-to-find items which are not easliy obtained. They will have large volumes of these discounted CD's around stocktake times and at regular intervals during the year.

For a while now I have been watching these discount bins for CD's that I know are collectable. I purchase these at low prices and then offer them on ebay at a marginal profit (e.g. $1) to cover listing costs.  Sometimes you will find duelling bidders willing to pay $15 or more as these items are still cheaper than their local retailers or not available in the buyers locality.

If you are a music afficionado living near a JB Hi Fi (or similar store) keep an eye on their discount stock.  You just might be surprised what you can find among the 50 copies of Madonna and Michael Jackson. The serious music collectors on ebay will love you for it.

JB Hi Fi - you've done it again!


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