The Ultimate Guide to Buying Convection Heaters

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Convection Heaters

During winter, there is nothing quite so necessary as good heating in the home. A cold home is not a comfortable one, so one has to maintain a reasonably high temperature, especially during nighttime when temperatures outside usually dip to their lowest. There are many types ofheaters, includingconvection heaters,radiant heaters,micathermic heaters, and fan heaters. Convection heaters are among the most popular types of heaters, especially when one needs heat for a whole room. Before buying a convection heater, one should consider some basic information in order to decide if the heater is suitable for his or her use.

What is a Convection Heater?

A convection heater is a type of heater that draws in the cold air in the environment, runs the air over a heating element, and then releases the heated air back into the environment. The cold air in, hot air out cycle repeats itself over and over, and this eventually raises the temperature in the room overall. Convection heaters can come with or without a fan inside; the ones with a fan are preferable because they tend to distribute hot air more evenly in a space. There are convection heaters that use electricity and also those that use non-renewable energy sources, such as kerosene or propane. The latter are not suitable for indoor use, due to the hazards of using and inhaling the products of these fuels.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Convection Heaters

The advantages of convection heaters are that they are quiet and powerful. Most of them do not make any noise at all, but some of the ones with fans make some noise during operation. Compared to fan heaters, though, they are much quieter. Convection heaters are also better suited for heating entire rooms and spaces compared to radiant heaters and fan heaters. In addition, convection heaters are usually safe, because the amount of heat produced is not too high and the heating element is hidden inside the heater, reducing the likelihood of children and pets coming in contact with it .

That being said, these heaters do have their disadvantages as well. For small spaces, convection heaters are generally unnecessary. They are typically more expensive than fan and radiant heaters, and also tend to be less portable because they are heavier.

Comparing Convection Heaters, Radiant Heaters, and Fan Heaters

Here is a comparison of convection heaters, radiant heaters, and fan heaters. Radiant heaters are wall-mounted or floor personal heaters that have very hot heating elements, which radiate heat to the surroundings directly nearby. Fan heaters are similar, but function like a fan, blowing hot air out to the nearby surroundings; they send heat to a slightly greater area compared to radiant heaters.


Convection Heater

Radiant Heater

Fan Heater

Heating larger spaces

Very suitable


May be used but not very effective

Heating small areas/spot heating

Able, but may be unnecessary



















This is just a general comparison between these three types of electric heaters. Of course, if the buyer wants something that is a combination of two of the three heaters above, that is attainable as well. There are many fan/convection heater hybrids and convection/radiant heater hybrids available. Some convection/radiant heater hybrids have micathermic heating elements. These elements are more efficient than regular heating elements in helping to heat up bigger rooms.

Choosing a Convection Heater

When choosing a convection heater, there are several variables to consider. These include the type of convection heater, as well as the heater's size, features, and power consumption. After considering all of these, the buyer can then make an informed choice.

Type of Convection Heater

As mentioned before, there are two types of convection heaters,electric convection heaters and gas convection heaters. For indoor use, it is highly recommended that the buyer purchase an electric one, for safety reasons. If the heater is going to be used mostly outdoors, such as for camping trips, then a gas convection heater may be suitable.

Heater Size

Buying the right-sized convection heater is important, as a heater that is too big uses too much electricity and raise utility bills unnecessarily, while a heater that is too small cannot provide enough heat. When deciding on the size of the heater, the buyer has to look at the output capacity of the heater. On average, every 10 watts of heating power can sufficiently heat up about one square foot of space. If the convection heater has a fan, it may be able to heat the space more effectively.

Heater Features

Modern convection heaters come with a number of useful features. Some of the features the buyer may come across include the ability of the heater to oscillate, thermostat inclusion, ability of the heater to filter the air or humidify it, and most importantly, safety features. Safety features, such as a tilt safety switch or timers, can help prevent accidents in the home.

Heater Power Consumption

Electric heaters generally consume quite a bit of electricity. The buyer should consider the consumption of a particular heater when purchasing it; it is wise to try and opt for heaters that have energy-saving properties. Heaters that have temperature control properties can also help reduce energy consumption if their buyers use them on the lower heat settings.

Buying Convection Heaters on eBay

Shopping for a convection heater on eBay is a good idea, due to the variety of choices available. To look up listings for convection heaters, take advantage of the search bar you can find on any eBay page. Type in your search term, hit Enter, and you are all set to start browsing for a heater that meets your needs. For bigger discounts on heaters, you can take a look at the eBay Deals pages, which showcase some of the best deals you can find on eBay.

Convection heaters are great heaters to buy if one is interested in heating larger spaces. For spot heating though, convection heaters may not be so suitable. When purchasing a convection heater, the buyer has to consider the type of heater he or she needs, as well as the heater's size, features, and power consumption. It is easy to find a suitable convection heater on eBay.

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