Top 10 Outdoor Spa Accessories

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Top 10 Outdoor Spa Accessories

When the sun is blazing outside, there is nothing quite as enjoyable as sitting in an outdoor spa and sipping a drink. Outdoor spas are also known as hot tubs, despite the fact that they can also contain cold water. Outdoor spas have long been a popular addition to many people's homes since there are spas available to fit budgets big and small. Cheaper outdoor spas tend to be the inflatable types, and really expensive ones usually have a long list of features, such as massage seats, LED lights, and so on. Whatever the type of outdoor spa owned, there are many additional accessories that buyers can purchase to enhance the spa experience. Buyers should consider their budget, preferences, and needs when deciding on what accessories to purchase.

1. Outdoor Spa Steps

Getting in and out of an outdoor spa can be tough if you are wet and barefoot, and for children tall spas can be intimidating to climb into. This is why placing steps beside outdoor spas is a good idea; access to the hot tub becomes easier and safer, and accidents are consequently less likely. Some spa steps even come with non-slip surfaces, have an additional handrail for better stability, or have additional storage space under one or all of the steps. If the buyer has a smaller budget, he or she can buy regular wooden spa steps and just affix a non-slip mat onto the steps to improve the safety of the steps.

2. Outdoor Spa Covers

Outdoor spas are outdoor objects and therefore are constantly exposed to the elements. This is why they should be protected with covers. Placing covers on one's outdoor spa can lengthen the lifespan of the spa and also keep the spa a little cleaner. Some covers are heavy and can be difficult to remove; if the buyer purchases such a cover, he or she can buy a cover lift to make the process easier. Most covers are made of easy-to-clean materials that are also sturdy and waterproof, so maintaining the cover should be pretty simple.

3. Outdoor Spa Booster Seats

If the buyer has ever sat in a spa that is a little too deep or worried that the kids were a little too submerged in an outdoor tub, then he or she can see why spa booster seats made this list. Booster seats definitely make outdoors spas a better and safer experience. Booster seats are made of waterproof, easy-to-clean materials, so they are very easy to remove and clean without much fuss. The firmness and size that is wanted can usually be determined manually by the buyer when using most outdoor spa booster seats. Additionally, booster seats can also be used as provide additional back support.

4. Gazebos or Umbrellas

While outdoor spas are great for cooling off, they still expose the people sitting in them to the harshness of the sun or even rain, in some cases. Gazebos and umbrellas can provide much-needed shade to those sitting in an outdoor spa and keep unwanted sunburns or too-dark tans away. Gazebos come in a variety of sizes and materials; there are all sorts from heavy-duty beautiful wooden ones to simple portable ones made of PVC. Sometimes, the buyer may also come across gazebos and spas being sold together in a package. Umbrellas do not come in as much as a variety as gazebos, but they are very portable and get the job done. Umbrellas also offer a more casual beach-like vibe to the environment compared to gazebos.

5. Outdoor Spa Filters

While a lot of outdoor spas come with an inbuilt water purification system, it would not hurt to place an additional filter in to provide an extra layer of protection for the users of an outdoor spa. Filters can also help the outdoor spa last longer as it takes some burden off the built-in water purification system. Filters usually filter out a lot of debris, particles, oils, hair, and so on, which also makes cleaning the spa after use much easier. All one has to do is remove the filter and clean it. Of course, the outdoor spa still needs a basic cleaning.

6. Tables

Tables are the perfect accompaniment to an outdoor spa, giving dippers a place to set down refreshments to enjoy during their time in the outdoor spa. Some tables even come with storage space or shelves underneath so that users can store the refreshments or other items. Having stools can turn a regular table into a bar area where one or two people can just sit down at or prepare drinks. The cheaper alternative to having a large table next to the outdoor spa is to purchase a smaller tray table for the spa instead.

7. Lights

For dips in the late evening or night, swimming around in the dark is not exactly safe or fun. Lights, both underwater and also around the spa, provide a well-lit environment, which is enjoyable to be in. There are many different kinds of lights to choose from; some lights can even provide a "disco ball" effect on the bottom of the spa, which is exciting and great for parties. For a more romantic environment, the buyer can purchase white or yellow lights to place around the spa to provide a soft glow.

8. Outdoor Speakers

It is not a party without music, and music is best enjoyed when it is loud. Outdoor speakers can help play music straight from the buyer's MP3 player or phone, and most times, there are no wires involved, which make the speakers quite portable. Outdoor speakers are typically waterproof and weatherproof, so there is no reason to be worried about ruining the speakers by placing them next to the spa in the sun or rain.

9. Towel Holders

Having a towel holder helps those dipping in an outdoor spa easily dry off once they get out, so they are pretty mandatory for a good spa experience. Towel holders can be found as racks, rings, or stands, so the buyer has a variety of choices to pick from when buying a towel holder. It would be wise to purchase enough towel holders for the number of people that can accommodate the outdoor spa.

10. Spa Pleasure Items

Depending on what the occasion is, there are a variety of things that can be bought to make being in an outdoor spa more fun or relaxing. To make things more fun, there are many waterproof card and board games available that can be bought and used by dippers young and old while sitting in the water. For a nice relaxing dip alone or with a partner, the buyer can invest in aromatherapy salts or candles, which fill the water or air with rejuvenating fragrance. The buyer should, however, ensure that salts and crystals used in an outdoor spa are suitable and would not negatively affect the spa.

All the different accessories above can be purchased at different locations. Outdoor speakers and light can be purchased at electrical stores, while aromatherapy salts, crystals, and candles can be bought at many body care outlets. Waterproof games may be found at large supermarkets or toy stores. The rest of the items can be bought at specialty stores that sell items for outdoor spas and pools. However, if the buyer just wants to buy a few or all of these items in one place, then purchasing them online on eBay is an option.

Purchasing Outdoor Spa Accessories on eBay

eBay is a greatly convenient place to shop for just about anything, since you can do so from your computer. To search for an outdoor spa accessory on eBay, just go to the eBay website and key in an appropriate search term, such as "spa lights". Browse through these listings and if desired, narrow them down with the available filters for specifications such price range, location, and condition. If you require more information about a particular listing, then just click on it to see the item page. Be sure to compare different listings to get the best deal possible. Also, check out eBay deals for even more discounts on selected outdoor spa accessories.


Outdoor spas are great to be in, whether alone or with others. They are fun on their own, but a number of accessories can be purchased to accompany the outdoor spa experience and improve it. The top ten outdoor spa accessories can be purchased at different brick-and-mortar stores, but for a convenient shopping experience, it is definitely recommended that the buyer shop on eBay, or at least make eBay their first shopping stop. Shopping on eBay is easy and straightforward, much like taking a dip in an outdoor spa. With budget in mind, buyers should consider what they want to enhance time spent in their outdoor spa in order to decide on one or more accessories.

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