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The AngelSounds is a single-hand device for detection of the fetal heart.
The fetal heart may be detected from early pregnancy, and more easily from pregnancies greater than 12 weeks. The AngelSounds is suitable for use in an antenatal.  .
Every AngelSounds is supplied with 1 dry-cell battery. Dry-cell battery must NOT be placed in a recharging device and must NOT be disposed of by burning.
The AngelSounds operates at a nominal frequency of 3.3MHz, using Doppler ultrasound.
It has an 'on/off/volume key (1)' that is easy to operate. And working indicator light (2).
The AngelSounds is lightweight and designed to fit comfortably in your hand.
Insert the headset jack securely into the socket (3).
Apply a small amount of coupling gel to the examination site. Or put some coupling gel on the top of the transducer (4).
Switching on on/off/volume key (1)
'On/off/volume key(1)' is used to select either high or low volume level.
The AngelSounds is now ready for use.
Place the transducer on the examination site and move it around slowly until a good signal is obtained. This will sound like 'galloping horses'. It may be necessary to angle the transducer slightly to obtain the optimum signal.
Use of audio line
Insert one jack of the audio line into the main unit's headset socket (anyone of the two), put another plug into a recorder. The fetal heart beat can now be recorded.
Move the transducer to pregnant woman's left chest to record her heart beat and play the mother's heart beat to the baby after the baby is born, this can calm the baby.
To switch off turn 'on/off/volume key (1)'
Battery fitting or replacement
To fit or replace the battery on the AngelSounds:
Remove the rear battery compartment cover (5) carefully. Remove the old battery. Fit the new battery (IEC6F22 9V alkaline). Replace battery cover.
• Use only the specified battery type and insert the battery according
to polarity instruction
• Always dispose of empty batteries in accordance with regulations. Do not dispose together
with household garbage
New alkaline battery will give more than 500 one minute examinations. Battery should be removed if the unit is not in regular use.
After use, the AngelSounds should be dried thoroughly with a soft cloth.
If AngelSounds is soiled after use, follow the cleaning, and disinfection procedure detailed in the preventive maintenance section.

1. Insert included 9V battery.
2. Connect headphones though headphone jack.
3. Switch on to check power indicator .
4. Apply gel to transducer
5. Set to minimum volume before applying to body.
6. Connect included recording cable or a second set of headphones to jack (optional).
7. Apply doppler to body and adjust volume.
8. Swich off after use.

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