Weta Workshop Collectibles

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                       Weta Collectibles-Figures and Busts
 Weta collectibles are premium quality items that vividly depict scenes and characters from movies including Superman Returns, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia and King Kong. The Weta workshop is responsible for the high quality sculpting, superlative attention to detail and  accurate likenesses that are featured in these pieces.

Weta Workshop made famous for its contribution to the Lord of the Rings trilogy and latest  efforts in King Kong excels itself with some of the best statues and busts produced outside of movie production. The popularity of Weta Collectibles has surged without faltering since its inception over 4 years ago. The collectiblity factor of Weta is assured by its superb craftmanship and by its ties with the phenomenom that is Lord of the Rings.

Weta Workshop is responsible for the production of full figure statues, busts,  weapon  miniatures, environments and framed prints. The staple of Weta has so far been its LOTR range but that is said to finish around the end of 2006. Some Items that sold for 300USD two or three years ago have now climbed to in excess of 2000USD. Weta Items can be purchased directly via Sideshow (Sideshow is the main US distributor of Weta products) but these are frequently sold out in a matter of weeks and so are difficult to find and frequently become almost immediatly 'rare' as they are so rapaciously sought after.

Weta is a solid investment if you are interested in well crafted fantasy/sci-fi statues and is seemingly a solid economic investment (this is not a guarantee that items will increase in value) with many items strongly increasing in value. It is a good Idea to check out the Weta and Sideshow websites to see what they have to offer.

Other brands recommended for figure collectible buffs and movie buffs are brands such as Hot Toys, Gentle Giant, Attakus and Palisades which have all produced their share of beautiful statues and busts featuring characters from the fantasy and sci-fi genres.

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