What Is A Slow Juicer?

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The name "slow juicer" can be very confusing to some people. The name implies that it is very slow, when in fact its speed at juicing fruit and vegetables is as fast, or faster than your traditional centrifugal juicer.

The name slow juicer comes about because of the speed of the motor, which operates at only 80-90RPM and only uses 150watt of energy. A traditional centrifugal juicer operates at 1,000-24,000RPM and uses up to 1,500watts of energy. This of course means that a slow juicer is much more economical to run and provides a real cost saving to the consumer.

As I stated earlier the slow juicer can juice faster than the traditional juicer and the pulp that is expelled is also much drier than your traditional juicer which means that you will get much more juice from your produce. Another cost saving!!

The slow juicer uses a screw-like auger that crushes and presses the food, which preserves more of the phytonutrients, more vitamins and minerals, and means that you will have a much healthier juice. Oxidation is also greatly reduced so that a more natural colour is retained and the juice does not separate out as it does with other juices.

Another benefit of the slow juicer is its quietness. No one likes a lot of noise coming from the kitchen to disturb the peace and quiet of the household. It's also easy and quick to clean, making a tedious job more pleasant.

All in all the slow juicer is superior to other types of juicers because it retains more of the beneficial nutrients which means better health for the consumer. It's also cheaper to run, quieter and easy to clean.

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