What Makes EPE Speedy 2 Second Auto Pop Up Tent Differ?

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There are so many pop-up tents on the market...

What makes the EPE speedy 2 second pop up tent different and better?


If you want to go camping, then this is the tent for you! It opens up and transforms to a tent - in just 2 seconds! It's the Ultimate tent!

  • It is lighter and easier to carry making it perfect for hikes over long distances without suffering back pains
  •  It is faster to set up than any other conventional tent. Simply take the speedy tent out of its carry bag, throw it into the air and release. The tent will instantly pop open and is ready to be used or pegged down. It is the revolutionary pop-up tent!
  •  There's no need to attach a fly, poles, covers or additional components. EPE speedy tent has an attached weatherproof fly and floor that's ready to use in an instant.
  •  It's completely waterproof.
  •  It has dual side vestibules which gives you more space and fresh air.
  •  Pegs and guide ropes are included that comes in handy for extra security.
  •  It has Speedy Flex Resin Poles which are designed to resist breakage.
  •  It comes with side windows to reduce condensation

Make those camping trips memorable and hassle free, and enjoy the great outdoors in style.


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