What is PAL & NTSC format on gaming consoles?

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Welcome to an explanation on the difference between PAL and NTSC formats for gaming consoles such as PS2, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

Often, I have to issue refunds due to overseas buyers not understanding that there are two main types of format for gaming consoles. Put simply, if you buy the wrong format the game will not work. This guide has been written primarily for people new to gaming. If you are a seasoned gamer this is nothing new to you and there is no need to read on. But knowing what format is for you is important for all buyers.

There are two main types of format for consoles and games. These are PAL and NTSC format. PAL format refers to consoles and games compatible in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and parts of Europe. NTSC format refers to consoles and games compatible in the USA and Canada. Throughout the rest of the world, formats vary which is why I mention this in all my listings so people can see if the game will work on their console.

So what format is for you? The best way to check is to look at any game you already own. In the top right hand corner, in a small white box it will say either PAL or NTSC. (See pictures below) It will also state the format on the back of any gaming console. In future, all games you buy on eBay must be this format, otherwise you will find you have a game that will not work on your console.

Hope this clears things up for you and helps you make better choices when buying on eBay.
Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out my auctions sometime!

Happy eBaying!

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