What is Region Free? What does it mean? Pro's and Con's

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Hi Guys, thanks for viewing my guides- please take 5 mins of your time to read! It will help you and could save you lot's!

So, the reason you go on eBay is to find a cheaper price the retail, eh? Yeah, of course! So your looking around and OH! Whats this a 40% mark down on a new/used game, but its region free........region free??? Whats that?

Video games are released in different formats for different countries - the main reason manufactures to produce consoles and games for all parts in the world if for simply marketing and more money! Because then everyone would buy from one cheap company in a country that can manufacture games the cheapest! 

But back to the point...! PAL is Australian/UK/New Zealand Version and NTSC- u/c for America and NTSC-J for Asia. Each game is manufactured for ONE region so that customers must buy their own regional game! Clever, ay?! 

What region free does is removes all the Regions so its still the same FULL legit game, but it can be played in any country! Yep... any country!

But..........................this sounds so good.......why isn't everyone buying region free games? Good Question me!

The only cons with Region Free games is that you will not be able to connect to your Local eStore and purchase extra stuff - for example CALL OF DUTY - in a region free game you wouldn't be able to download extra maps and the reason is because it can't be set to all Countries so its set to no countries and therefore any extra downloads can't be used. (e.g. Cant use Nintendo DSi Store, Xbox market place, Playstation Store Beta, and Wii Online marketplace)

STILL.... you can enjoy online play - Playstation Network & Xbox Live

Personally, region free is better value for money and so what you won't be able to BUY new upgrades...

 Any questions contact me via email happy to help you out :)

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