What is a Good till Cancelled listing?

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What is a Good till Cancelled listing?

One of the many formats under which you can create your listing on eBay is called the Good Til Cancelled (GTC) listing. Under this format, your listing will be created for a duration of 30 days. It will be a fixed price listing and at the end of the 30 day period, your listing will automatically get renewed and list again. This continues to happen after every 30 day period till such time that the seller cancels the listing.

Many sellers initially confused a GTC listing with a Fixed Price 30 listing. While most of the features in both these formats are same, the one big difference is that a FP 30 listing will close after 30 days whereas a GTC listing will be renewed. Each time the listing renews automatically, the seller is required to pay whatever fees are applicable for the listing.

The main benefit of a GTC listing is that sellers who have high inventories of same products can keep a listing going on until they have sold all their stock. They need not bother to create a fresh listing again and again. However, since re-listing costs additional fees every time, sellers should be careful to track whether their sales are turning enough profit or not.

Another advantage of GTC listings seems to be the fact that they feature higher on best match searches. Since the previous sale history is carried forward in renewed GTC listings, this helps the listing to appear higher on the results pages. However, this is mostly applicable to sellers with very high sales.

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