Will a 2 DIN or Double DIN car DVD player stereo fit my car?

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One of the most asked questions we get here at motorformula is… “will this 2 DIN 7” car DVD unit fit my car?” the answer is often as simple as it is complex. Just about every car has an area in the dash for a car stereo, which can be broken down into 2 basic sizes: 1 DIN and 2 DIN (or double DIN). This is the universal standard for in dash car stereos and multi media players.

Measure your current stereo!

So what’s the difference between 1 DIN and 2 DIN? Well it’s simply the height: 1 DIN is 50mm and 2 DIN is 100mm, which is double the 1 DIN height, hence the term double DIN. Basically the width is the same: 178mm. So often the simple way to see if your dash cavity is big enough for a 2 DIN unit is measure your current car stereo and if the height is around 4” or 100mm, then a 2 DIN head unit will fit.

Sometimes you’ll need to buy a face plate to suit your particular make of car, a face plate is a special molded piece of plastic that is shaped to match the dash and provide a nice “made to measure” finish to your new installation, it will look like a factory fitted unit. Face plates can often be bought direct from the car spare parts dealer or you can find a third party reseller like Aerpro.

Of course, sellers like us have plenty of these for sale on eBay or through our Retail arm in Sydney, or for the ultimate in perfect integration for your car, you can look for a plug and play unit that has been built from the ground up to fit your car. 

The benefits of these plug and play systems are huge. They mean the cables dont need to be cut, you wont need any adapters for your speakers, power, radio antenna or your steering wheel controls.

This becomes especially important in most european cars as they use CANBUS technology. This is a coded network in your car that uses less wires than the traditional model. In order to have steering wheel controls work the way they are supposed to you either need a very skilled installer or a CANBUS Decoder.

OEM or factory fit models come with these already saving you from having to go and get an ugly infra red adapter. (not recommended)

One more thing to consider is installation of your 2 DIN unit, it can be tricky to install for the un-initiated, so many wires, so little room for error. Word of advice, seek a professional installer it will probably save you more time and money in the end. 

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