Your Guide to Buying Latches for Your Caravan

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Your Guide to Buying Latches for Your Caravan

Latches are not the first thing buyers think of when shopping for a caravan or caravan accessories. Caravan latches are miscellaneous items that potentially serve several purposes. These may include closing, locking, securing or fastening the various caravan compartments. Fridge doors and cupboard latches are items that frequently need to be replaced, but are sometimes difficult to find, especially on older caravans. If you need to replace some latches in your caravan but have been unable to find your needed parts, eBay is the ideal place to begin searching for these obscure and often elusive items. You should, however, take the time to ensure you only purchase items that are compatible with your caravan.

What is a Latch?

A latch is a mechanism used to keep a door, drawer or cupboard closed, ajar, or locked. The device is often spring loaded. Latches for interior caravan use are those small components that hold or fasten opening compartments. However, latches for use in or on a caravan may also involve the less mechanical devices on the outside of the van with which you can attach ropes and an annex. Such exterior devices are usually simple metal constructions that may involve no moving parts.

Latches sometimes overlap with what are commonly called catches, so their use is quite broad when included in this sub category. The materials used and type of construction depends on manufacturer, age of caravan, and purpose. Caravan latches may be simple or complex and made of steel, plastic, or both. They are sometimes smaller in size to regular household latches.

Sourcing Latches for Caravans

Many people still holiday in caravans that are many years old, but it may be near impossible to replace a latch for a caravan compartment that is older than two decades. You can look for caravan latches on eBay or another online marketplace to replace those that may be missing or broken. You may also source parts directly from the manufacturer, or place an ad on an applicable website that allows site visitors to respond with any help or product leads.

When you find the right latch for your needs, its compatibility may be broad enough to allow non genuine parts to be fitted perfectly to your door, cupboard, or refrigerator. Or you may find an original latch that is made specifically for the make and model of your van. There are many online places you can try if you wish to source out your needed latches, but eBay and eBay Deals are good starting places to find a bargain.

Interior and Exterior Latches

Caravan owners need to secure their doors and drawers for general use, but they can also use latches to further stabilise the interior compartments, such as a refrigerator, when the van is in motion. Most latches for the caravan interior are plastic, but caravan door latches may be metal and include the entire steel housing surrounds. Customers use exterior latches to attach secondary devices to it. Caravan owners may need such latches for the power inlet on the outside wall of the caravan, or for erecting an annexe. For obvious reasons, the more weight involved in connecting attachments to a caravan, the stronger and heavier the latch needs to be. Exterior latches should also be weather resistant.

Door Latches

Caravan door latches may need to be replaced after many years of wear. Door latches for the caravan may be made of steel or plastic depending on the type of caravan, or whether the door is a primary entry/exit door or interior door, such as a cupboard or toilet door. Typically, problems arise with the nib or spring inside the latch. It is generally more cost effective to buy new door latches than to have them repaired. You may find fully compatible new aftermarket door latches, even if your caravan is old.

Cupboard, Cabinet, and Drawer Latches

Cupboard, cabinet, and drawer latches are generally plastic, and the spring loaded nib is prone to breakage. When you need to replace your cupboard or drawer latch, you should try to locate the latch made by your caravan manufacturer, such as Millard or Viscount, but you may need to improvise if your sought after item is unattainable. Each manufacturer's latches may also be equally compatible when installed in their respective boats, yachts, and motor homes.

Refrigerator Latch

A refrigerator latch is usually a plastic device used to keep the door ajar when the caravan is moving. Customers can also use them to fasten the door closed, but the latch is not needed when the refrigerator is in use. The latch is often attached to a metal bracket. These latches can be difficult to find for older caravans if the latch is no longer in production. Aside from contacting the manufacturer, the owner's best option may be to search eBay or another online marketplace. Again, improvisation may prove necessary on older caravans.

How to Buy

If you need to purchase a latch for your caravan to replace an existing one, first gather as much information as possible on the original item. Conduct a broad eBay search such as " caravan cupboard latch" and go through relevant listings. Once you have located a compatible item, try to locate a second one to extend your options. Carefully read all information pertaining to the product and terms of sale, especially the returns policy in case your purchased latch is incompatible.

Before you make your purchasing decision, check your seller's previous feedback and score to build trust in your seller. Their good sales history improves your purchase confidence, and your positive experience of them adds to their sales credibility.

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