Your Guide to Buying a Pool Cleaner With Suction

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Your Guide to Buying a Pool Cleaner With Suction

No one wants to swim in a dirty pool. Luckily, there are a large number of types of pool cleaners to get rid of sediment and debris left behind in pools after use. This guide will explore a range of pool cleaning devices, focusing on pool cleaners with suction, discussing the way in which they work, as well as their specifications and benefits.

With eBay’s wide range of pool cleaners with suction, it is necessary to make careful considerations as to what pool cleaner is going to suit all individual requirements. This guide will help buyers to make those considerations, to find the most suitable pool cleaner with suction on eBay, and how to make a swift and secure purchase.

Types of Suction Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners are designed to do as they say on the labels: clean pools. It is important to keep a clean pool for the purpose of both hygiene and an enjoyable swimming experience. Developed from the design of water filters and cistem cleaners, pool cleaners filter water, collect unwanted materials, and store the waste so it can be emptied and disposed of after.

There is a variety of ways to clean pools. This section will provide information on different way and devices that are used for this process.

Automated Pool Cleaners

Automated pool cleaners are the equivalent to vacuum cleaners, but for water. All types work on the basis of sucking water into the device, cleaning dirt from both the bottom and the sides of pools. There are three other main types of automatic pool cleaners:

· Pressure-Side: Pressure-side pool cleaners work by a pool water inflow that is further pressurised by using a secondary booster pump on most models. High-pressure water is used for debris suction. It traces a random course. The pressure causes turbulence, disturbing debris on the floor and wall sides of a pool, which is sucked into a main filter through skimmer inlets, and are then caught in an attached filter bag. The requirement of the booster pumps makes this type of pool cleaner use a large amount of electricity. It also takes time and effort to attach the device to ports that connect to the main pump and filter. This increases the level of maintenance and expense.

· Electric-Robotic:Electric-robotic pool cleaners are separate from the pool’s main filter and pump and powered by an independent electricity source. They have two internal motors; one of which sucks in water through a self-contained filter bag, and the other of which is a drive motor that connects to a synthetic or rubber track and brushes to help remove particles from both the pool’s floor and side walls. In some designs, they can also be used on the pool’s steps. Electric-robotic pool cleaners are efficient in time, energy, and cleaning ability. Additionally, they require low maintenance and costs. However, they tend to be one of the more expensive pool cleaning devices to purchase.

· Suction-Side:Suction-side pool cleaners work like a vacuum, with a hose connected to the pool’s skimmer. They move around sucking debris from both the floor and sidewalls, and deposit it into the skimmer. Some designed are equipped with brushes that loosen debris as the device glades along surfaces. Suction-side cleaners result in skimmer action being suspended while being operated. They also tend to have a smaller life span. They are, however, easy to install, less costly than some of the other designs, and work well with small leaves and debris.

Manual Pool Cleaners

Manual pool cleaners consist of a vacuum head attached to a telescoping pool and hose, which are connected to a special suction fitting on the pool wall. Users must manually navigate the vacuum around the pool to suck up debris. Manual pool cleaners are the least expensive type of pool cleaning device; however, they require a lot of physical effort and take a lengthy amount of time to clean pools.

Other Types of Pool Cleaners

There are a small number of other options for pool cleaners that offer different specifications. These are:

In-Floor Systems

In-floor pool cleaning systems work similar to how in-ground sprinkler systems work for laws. They are set via a timer and consist of jets that rise up from the pool’s floor and spray steams of water. These steams direct large particles towards the main drain of a pool, where they are filtered out. Smaller particles are suspended in the water and stirred up for filtration by a circulation system. On completion, the jets retract back into the pool’s floor surface. The installation process requires a lot of work, but once completed they require little maintenance. However, as imagined, they are very expensive pool cleaning systems.


Pool cleaning wands are small manually or battery-powered devices that are only effective in small pools, such as children’s pools or wading pools. They also work well in small spas and hot tubs. They can be used as both handheld use, and be attached to telescopic poles for extended reach, where necessary.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pool Cleaner With Suction

A few basic considerations need to be made when buying a pool cleaner with suction. Below is a list of those considerations for a buyer’s clarification:

· Size of Pool: Consider the size of the pool needed to be cleaned. Buyers may consider spending less on a manual pool cleaner for smaller pools, or opt for an automatic pool cleaner for larger pools.

· Level of Debris: Consider how much unwanted substances make their way into a pool. Some will require pool cleaners that can tackle leaves, whilst others may only require the removal of small partials.

· Power Supply: Some pool cleaners require the use of a lot of electricity, and others can run from rechargeable batteries. This of course, factors into overall cost.

· Maintenance: As well as cost, consider the maintenance each type of pool cleaner will require. Consider the level of time and energy that can be realistically invested in this process. 

Buying a Pool Cleaner with Suction on eBay

eBay offers a huge range of pool cleaners with suction, and at affordable prices. This section will inform buyers how they can successfully find these products using simply search filters, and how they can securely purchase the most suitable suction pool cleaners.

· After making all of the necessary considerations and deciding what specifications a suction pool cleaner will need to suit individual requirements, bring that information to eBay and start the search. Select the category Home & Garden. Secondly, select the Outdoor Living category. Move on to the Pool, Spa Beach category, and finally, select Pool Cleaners.

· Explore eBay’s additional filters for the most suitable buying experience. For example, if on a budget, use the price filter to specify the maximum amount wishing to pay for a suction pool cleaner.

· Be sure about a seller as well as the suction pool cleaner on offer. Read feedback to determine reliability, and ask questions using the direct messaging option where necessary.

· Once confident with a product and its seller, commit to the buy and pay for the suction pool cleaner using PayPal. PayPal offers a safe and simple way to make the financial transaction.

· Leave feedback once the suction pool cleaner has been received. This will help other potential buyers with their decisions.

· Don’t forget to check out eBay Deals, for even lower costs and special offers. Select their Outdoor & Travel category, and then Backyard to see what products are available.


Selecting the most suitable pool cleaner with suction is not difficult with eBay’s large variety available. Their easy to use filters allow buyers to whittle down searches to that one perfect pool cleaner. Be sure that a pool cleaner adheres to all requirements, and make the important consideration. It will be no good buying a manual pool cleaner if the sufficient amount of time cannot be invested. Nor will it be any good buying a wand to clean a 50m pool.

Be confident with a seller and become familiar with any terms and conditions they have set out, as well as the terms and conditions that have been set out by eBay. Leave feedback on receipt, and enjoy time spent in a clean, debris-filled pool.

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