Your Guide to LED Light-up Motorcycle Switches

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Your Guide to LED Light-up Motorcycle Switches

The market for LED lighting has been expanding almost as quickly as technology is improving the capabilities of LED lamps. Once utilised in very limited capacity, LED lighting comes in many applications, from indoor lighting to safety lighting on vehicles. One can find LED lighting in place of incandescent bulbs in day running lamp applications and in turn and stop lamp indicators because of the brighter light output and enhanced durability from LEDs. Another area where LED lighting is popular is accent lighting on motorcycles. Accent LED lighting gives motorcycles a unique appearance and improved visibility on the road, and installing switches on the motorcycle allows the rider to toggle them on and off whenever the need arises.

Types of LED Light-Up Motorcycle Switches

Different types of LED light-up motorcycle switches are available to control various LED lighting applications, depending on the preference of the rider. One can set LED switches to manually control the operation of each set of LED lights, or one can wire the lights into existing systems that act as the control switch, such as the brake switch or turn indicator switch.

Toggle Switches

Toggle switches are simple and durable devices that utilise a rocker-based toggle arm. One can simply switch up the arm to toggle the LED light on and switch it down to toggle it off. Toggle switches often come with a cover that prevents accidental activation of the switch. This cover flips up out of the way in order to access the switch. Toggle switches have a vintage appeal to them, which makes them ideal for use on older model motorcycles. They are more difficult to activate due to the need to lift the toggle cap in order to access the rocker arm.

Pushbutton Switches

Pushbutton switches are simple to operate and commonly control different electrical components of current motorcycles. These switches allow the rider to simply switch the LED light on by pressing the button into the activation position with the thumb. Many pushbutton switches feature images that correlate to the type of lighting they control, making it easy for the rider to quickly determine which button to activate.

Power-Activated Switches

Power-activated switches link into the ignition system of the motorcycle or an existing switch and power the LED light when that switch activates. LED day running lights activate when the ignition switch turns on. The turn indicators and brake lights activate with the use of the switches.

Mounting Switches

LED light-up motorcycle switches usually mount in a conspicuous location that makes it easy for the rider to activate the lights without having to take his eyes off the road. Many riders mount the switches on to the handlebar area next to other prominent switches that control the headlamps and turn indicators.

Riders can install non-essential switches for accent lighting in any convenient location, since it is not vital to activate these types of lights while in motion.


There are a range of different LED light-up motorcycle switches available. Consumers need to understand fully the differences in the switches so they can make an informed choice before purchasing.

Type of LED Switches


Toggle Switches

Simple switches

Comes with a cover to protect the switch

Moves up and down to power it on and off

Has a vintage appeal

Pushbutton Switches

Button that is pressed to turn on and off

Simple to use

Images on pushbutton makes them easy to recognise

Power-Activated Switches

Links to the ignition of the motorbike

LED light is powered by simple press of button

Can be linked to existing switch

Mounting Switches

Mounted in a position easily accessible

Can control headlamps and indicators

By using the guide above consumers can quickly and easily see the features of the different switches.

Types of LED Lights

There are different types of LED lighting that LED switches control. The type and amount of LED lights installed on a motorcycle depend on the personality of the owner and the level to which one wants to show off the motorcycle. Having independent LED light-up switches for each LED feature allows the rider to turn specific lighting groups on and off to match the particular environment he is riding in. There are LED lights available to replace nearly all the lighting on motorcycles. LED lights are popular replacements for indicator lamps and brake lights.

Day Running Lights

LED day running lights provide additional visibility over standard incandescent bulbs. They offer brighter light output with less energy consumption and activate with an LED switch or are wired to come on when one turns on the ignition.

Underbody LED Lights

Accent lighting produces a warm glow on the underside of the motorcycle. Single- or multiple-coloured lights are common. These lights activate via mounted switch on the handlebars or elsewhere on the body of the motorcycle.

Wheel Well LED Lights

These lights install in the wheel well of the motorcycle. They accent the rims and spokes of the motorcycle and help accent chrome rims at night. They activate by mounted switch.

Engine Accent Lighting

These lights shine specifically on the engine area and components. They accent high polished areas in low light and make the motorcycle stand out in appearance. They activate by mounted switch.

Strobe Lights

Strobe lights activate by sound when the engine revs, or they activate via a mounted switch. Strobe lights dramatically call attention to the motorcycle and mount on any portion of the bike.

Tail Lights

Tail light assemblies available with LED lights create brighter lighting for better visibility. LED lights have quicker activation time for increased safety, and they wire into existing brake switches.

Turn Indicator Lamps

LED indicator lamps offer higher visibility for turning. They wire into existing indicator switches.

How to Buy LED Light-Up Motorcycle Switches

Installing LED lighting on your motorcycle helps to improve its appearance in addition to making riding the motorcycle safer due to the increased lighting effectiveness of LED lamps. Whether you want to just replace your turn indicators or tail lamp, or you want complete accent lighting and strobes that activate when you rev your motor, you can find what you are looking for on eBay. Simply navigate to any eBay web page, and enter a keyword, such as " LED switches", and you can look through the various listings displayed. Finding the right LED lights and switches for your motorcycle is easy on eBay because all of the top sellers and products are listed in one convenient location where you can compare pricing.

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