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Wish I had read others comments about 'ausriver' before I bid and won an item from them on ebay....I have been waiting 2 weeks for my item (that I have already paid for).  A few days ago I emailed ausriver to find out where my item was.  They replied that it had already been posted a few days before.  Today I recieved an email informing me that my item was out of stock (?!) and that they were unable to source anymore of that particular item.  They also asked me, in very poor english, why I hadn't responded to their previous email (which I never recieved?!).  I have demanded a full refund but am now doubtful about wether I'll recieve it...
How is such an appallingly shoddy operator allowed to keep 'trading' on ebay????  My advice - steer clear of them altogether!
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