watch the model jackhammer you buy

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I have been buying jackhammers on and off on via ebay for a couple of years and have had no problems with the actual items I have purchased.

I in the last couple of weeks have bought 4 smaller jackhammers from ausimports2011, being 2 x 38 series rotary hammers and 2 x 40 series straight jackhammers, I have no complaints about these 4 items and they seem to work very well.

Make sure the designation of the item matches the picture presented in gallery, with the demolition breakers being presented on ebay generally coming in 3 types, if we look at Hitachi designations and styles and those offered by AGR Machinery, the 1700 watt unit offered is a 65a styled unit, the 2200 watt unit is a 65B styled unit, (a real thumper) (I have seen a 1700 watt unit used for 3 years by a bloke sapphire mining on the central Queensland Gemfields and still going strong).

 the unit being offered by BIGGERBOYZTOYZAUSTRALIA is a ds65 of 1500watts, is a similar style to the 65A units but noticably different by it's inclusion of red plastic handle and armeture end cap.

PINNACLE-WHOLESALERS have a similar unt with yellow plastic componants with a 2200 watt maxium and 1700 watt coninious, a heavier duty unit.

OZIMPORTS2011 has a unit ,the UNIVERSAL branded hj 65A, it is 1240 watts, starts at a reasonable price, and is styled after the Hitachi 65A units, I would like to see them offer the 65B styled UNIVERSAL branded units as well as they are 2200 watts, (real thumpers), styled after the Htachi 65B units, like the BAUMR-AG 65B styled  2200watt units listed by AGR MACHINERY, they would be well worth the extra dollars, it would be well worth asking OZIMPORTS2011 if their unit  has high tensile or hardened gears as AGR MACHINERY states, and I don't doubt, theirs has.

Would like to see OZIMPORTS2011 give more info on their 65A styled unit as it is a well presented breaker, as well as list the 65B styled unit, I do have one of their UNIVERSAL 65B styled units and I do rather like it. Comes with chisel, point,and a spare set of brushes. It hits harder and faster than the 65A styled unit. (real thumper)

If you are after a smaller jackhammer/breaker, OZIMPORTS2011 are offering 2 smaller units, the 38 optional rotary and the 40 series straight hammer, real little rattlers.

I have used both these units and am impressed with the little 40 series for lighter work and chipping, hits hard and fast for a smaller hammer, well worth checking out, the 38 series is optional rotary and comes with chisel, point, drill and a hole cutter for brickwork etc, I have only used it for light breaking and chipping, works well, can only hope these units have a reasonable longevity, work life, they feel good for now. Start at a reasonable price in their listing.

These units are listed under ROTARY HAMMER DRILL and DEMIOLITION HAMMER DRILL, would be better listed as jackhammer or jack hammer,

would put it in front of more lookers.


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