wax melts

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Wax Melts...for your oil burner.

Anyone who likes to fragrance their home or office using an oil burner would love these wonderful creations. Wax melts are the ideal alternative to the usual drops of oil in water.

  • Wax does not evaporate like water so you don't end up with a smoky, tarry substance in your oil burner.
  • The scented oil is already in the wax. It is a specially blended oil which is made to mix with wax products so it is safe.
  • The oil in wax is less volatile than oil in water so you get MANY HOURS of fragrance rather than a short 'hit'. Up to 12 hours in many cases. Essential oils are not as long lasting as fragrant oils.
  • Make sure your oil burner stands between 12 and 15 cm tall. There needs to be a bit of space between your tea-light candle and the dish for best results.
  • Use tea-light candles that have about 1cm of flame.
  • NEVER place your oil burner in a draught...on any candle either. It will burn unevenly and can start a fire.
  • NEVER place your oil burner or candle under an overhanging shelf or near curtains or soft furnishings.

Triple scented or Super scented melts have THREE TIMES the amount of oil than the average commercially produced melts so always look for them in order to have the finest, most long lasting products. Nearly all are hand made.

"magnifi SCENT Candles" makes a range of such candles and melts with the main focus on outstanding, long lasting just-like-the-real-thing fragrances. A full range is available through E-Bay.


  • Essential oils (these are distilled from plant material and are not limited to those available in the conventional selection in shops. Any oil from a plant is 'essential oil') may not smell exactly like what you would expect the flower or plant to smell like. That is because there are always chemical changes due to the aging and production process of the oil. Essential oils are used mainly for their MEDICINAL properties rather than for their smell.
  • Fragrant oils are created in the lab but do not exclude these because of that. All fragrances still derive their creation from the real thing. It is only those chemicals in the plant that give it its unique fragrance, and not the multitude of other chemicals a plant naturally creates, that are re-created in the lab. A lab-created lavender is as fragrant as the real thing and still has that restful, calming influence. Real rose essential oil, undiluted, costs hundreds of dollars for a few ml. The lab-created equivalent is available to everyone.
  • Fragrant oils are much less volatile than the real thing and therefore, if you are just after filling your home with your favorite, most evocative scents for much longer than these should be your natural choice.
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