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Leaving Feedback for sellers

Leaving Feedback is a great way to rate your buying experience with a seller on eBay.

Every time you buy something on eBay, you have the opportunity to leave positive, neutral or negative Feedback about your transaction. You can also rate the seller's performance on things like communication and postage costs.

Sometimes, if you leave neutral or negative Feedback, your seller might dispute it. You can find out why in our guide below, as well as learning about how to view and change your Feedback. You'll also find information on our rules about using Feedback constructively and fairly.

Handling Feedback disputes

Find out why a seller may dispute your Feedback and how to resolve it.

Viewing and changing Feedback

Learn how to view, change, and follow up on Feedback you left for a seller on eBay.

Feedback policies

Read everything you need to know about our Feedback policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I leave Feedback?

After you make a purchase, we'll remind you via email to leave Feedback for your seller.

You can also leave Feedback through your Purchase history - opens in new window or tab. Simply go to the More actions dropdown and select Leave Feedback.

You can then:

  • Select an overall Feedback rating – positive, neutral, or negative
  • Rate aspects of the transaction – including whether the item arrived on time, the accuracy of the item description, postage costs, and the seller's communication
  • Write a comment about your experience
Why should I leave Feedback?

By leaving Feedback for a seller, you're telling them what you think. Equally important, you're letting other buyers know about your experience. Your feedback combines with others' to build a rich base of knowledge to help to find the best sellers every time you shop.

How can I see a seller's Feedback score?

When you look at a listing, you'll find the seller's Positive Feedback score beneath their username, listed as a percentage. For example, if a seller has a score of 99.5%, it means that 99.5% of buyers left positive Feedback about their experience with that seller.

What happens if I leave negative Feedback?

Negative Feedback becomes a permanent part of a seller's record, and can harm their reputation and their business. If possible, you should try to resolve any issues you have with a seller before you leave negative Feedback.

If you decide to leave negative Feedback, make sure it's fair, factual, and relates specifically to your transaction with the seller. Remember, Feedback is about your experience with the seller – it's not a review of the product you bought.

Sellers often respond to negative Feedback and may get in touch with you to try to resolve the issue.

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