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eBay Valet
Our Valet program takes all the effort out of listing and selling. You send in your items and a selling expert prices and sells them on your behalf, for an agreed share of the sale price.

How eBay Valet works

The eBay Valet service is provided by the selling experts at Fishpond WorldFront.

Here's how it works:

  1. Set up a Fishpond WorldFront account.
  2. When you're ready to sell your items, book an eBay Valet courier through Fishpond WorldFront.
  3. Pack your items into boxes for them to collect. You can have up to two boxes per collection, weighing a maximum of 20kg each.
  4. eBay Valet will then price your items based on their condition and similar products on eBay, and will aim to list your item in auction format within 5 business days.
  5. Once your item has sold, you'll receive an email notification.
  6. Your agreed share of the sale price will then be added to your PayPal account or a dedicated bank account.

Sell with eBay Valet

eBay Valet fees and costs

You don't need to pay anything upfront for the eBay Valet service. Here's how the fees work:

  • A 22% commission is deducted from the sale price for each item.
  • The postage cost for sending in your items ($24.95 per courier pickup) is taken out of your first sales.

You'll find your sales and payment history on your Valet sales report.

What to sell through eBay Valet

Only items with barcodes – such as books, CDs, DVDs or items in their original packaging – can be sold through eBay Valet. Items should still be in good condition, and have to comply with the same policies as any other item you might list on eBay.

You can't sell the following items through eBay Valet:

  • Anything without a barcode
  • Electronics
  • Clothes, shoes and blankets
  • Items that require a license or code (e.g. subscriptions, some computer games and software)
  • Items heavier than 20kg or larger than 45 x 61 x 39cm
  • Prohibited and restricted items

Unsold items on eBay Valet

Sometimes, items you list through eBay Valet may remain unsold. If that happens, or if Fishpond WorldFront receive items they can't accept, they'll email to let you know. You can then choose whether they should donate those items to charity or return them to you at your expense.

If your items don't sell, or the sale is less than the original collection cost of $24.95 per box, you'll be charged the balance by Fishpond WorldFront.

Only items with barcodes can be sold through eBay Valet.

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