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Appeal a defect

If a defect on your account is eligible to be removed, we'll remove it automatically within 72 hours. If the defect isn't removed automatically, you may be able to appeal, depending on the circumstances.

COVID-19 update
As COVID-19 continues to affect day-to-day life, we want to help by reassuring you that all seller accounts will be protected from being downgraded for the March, April, May and June performance evaluations. For more information on other changes we're making, see our page on Additional support during COVID-19 for buyers and sellers on eBay.

Automatic defect removal

You can find the full list of circumstances that result in automatic removal of a defect in our Seller performance and feedback policy.

In these circumstances, the defect will be removed from your account within 72 hours, so you won't need to contact us. 

To learn how sellers are protected on eBay, read our Seller protection policy.

The transaction defect report - opens in new window or tab provides details on any defects you may have. 

Appeal a defect

If the defect you received can’t be removed automatically, you can appeal it if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • The buyer opened the request by mistake
  • Tracking was uploaded and shows that the acceptance scan was within your handling time
  • Tracking was uploaded and shows that the item was delivered to the buyer’s address within the stated estimated delivery date. If the item sold for more than $750, signature confirmation is required
  • An item sent through our Global Shipping Programme, Click & Collect, or WINIT arrived on time to the processing centre, but was delayed in international shipping, or the buyer didn’t get it
  • The transaction was cancelled by eBay, PayPal or the Global Shipping Programme
  • You have proof that a returned item was delivered to the wrong address

Visit Seller Help to manage any defects or improper Feedback you received for items you've sold.

If you receive a defect due to any of the circumstances stated in our Seller performance and feedback policy, we'll remove it automatically within 72 hours.

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