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Offering eBay Guaranteed Delivery

To give eBay sellers and carriers more time to safely fulfil and deliver orders, we have temporarily disabled eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

For more information on how we're supporting and protecting our community at this time, please read our article on Additional support during COVID-19 for buyers and sellers on eBay or visit our Seller Centre - opens in new window or tab.

eBay Guaranteed Delivery makes it easy for sellers to provide buyers with fast, accurate and reliable delivery.

How eBay Guaranteed Delivery works

With eBay Guaranteed Delivery, buyers see guaranteed delivery dates on eligible listings and can narrow down their search results based on how quickly they want an item to arrive.

If an item doesn't arrive by the guaranteed delivery date, the buyer can choose how they'd like to have it made right.

Visit our Seller Centre for more details on eBay Guaranteed Delivery - opens in new window or tab.

eBay Guaranteed Delivery applies to items sent within Australia.

Offering eBay Guaranteed Delivery

We're currently trialling an alternative option for sellers to offer eBay Guaranteed Delivery: the Handling Time program. This suits sellers who know how quickly they can post an order, but don't have visibility over the end-to-end delivery – whereas the Door-to-Door program suits sellers who are confident in their end-to-end delivery time.

Handling Time program

In the Handling Time program, you guarantee your handling time and eBay works out the guaranteed delivery date for specific regions on your behalf, based on Australia Post delivery times.

While it's currently only available to selected sellers, you can register your interest for the Handling Time program - opens in new window or tab. We'll get in touch when eBay Guaranteed Delivery is ready to be switched on for your account.


Door-to-Door program

In the Door-to-Door program, you specify how quickly you can guarantee to get your items to a customer's door. You control which listings you want to include, and the regions where you want to guarantee delivery times.

Follow these steps to get set up for the Door-to-Door program:

1. Register for the eBay Guaranteed Delivery program
The first step is to register for eBay Guaranteed Delivery - opens in new window or tab. We'll get in touch when eBay Guaranteed Delivery is ready to be switched on for your account.

2. Set up your rate tables and handling times
Even if we haven't yet switched on eBay Guaranteed Delivery for your account, you can still set up your postage rate tables - opens in new window or tab in My eBay. You specify your postage costs and the delivery speeds which you can guarantee by region, based on your handling time plus your carrier's delivery time.

You can also set your handling time cut-offs - opens in new window or tab for more accurate delivery timeframes when you offer same-day handling.

3. Select the listings where you want to offer guaranteed delivery times
You choose which listings should offer guaranteed delivery by applying your postage rate tables to the listing.

You can apply postage rate tables to your listings either one by one, by using bulk editing tools in the Listing tab of Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab, or by using business policies.

You can choose to offer guaranteed delivery speeds nationwide, or just for certain areas.

Requirements for eBay Guaranteed Delivery

Only sellers who are opted in and who meet our requirements can offer eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

Listing requirements

These are the requirements for individual listings to qualify for eBay Guaranteed Delivery:

  • Item is located in Australia
  • Listing is in fixed price format
  • For the Handling time program, listing has a 0-1 day handling time and uses an eligible Australia Post service
  • For the Door-to-Door program, listing has a postage rate table - opens in new window or tab where you've defined your postage costs and delivery speeds for at least one region

Seller performance requirements

In addition to maintaining a seller rating of Above Standard or eBay Top Rated Seller, you'll need to meet the performance requirements for eBay Guaranteed Delivery listings:

  • 95%+ on-time delivery
  • 95%+ tracking number upload

If you're in the Door-to-Door program, we'll send you fortnightly updates on how your eligible listings are performing compared to your guaranteed delivery timeframes.

If you can't opt in to an eBay Guaranteed Delivery program just yet, don't worry – you can still register and set up your postage options and listings. We'll be in touch when eBay Guaranteed Delivery is ready to be switched on for your account.

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