Renata SR920SW371 1.55V Watch Battery

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315 / SR716SW Renata
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357 / SR 44 W / 303 / G13 Renata
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364/SR 621 SW/G1 Renata
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390 / SR1130SW Renata
391 Renata
392 Renata
393 Renata
394/380/SR936SW/G9 Renata
395 Renata
396 Renata
397 / SR726SW Renata
399 Renata
LR41 maxell
Renata brand special button batteries, full range Excellent value for money, very long lasting, great price! silver oxide lasts very long over time compared to alkalines. If the Renata brand is no longer in stock, it will be replaced by an equivalent or higher quality ( varta or maxell ). Expiration date: Between 2 years and 4 years depending on the batches and references ELECTRO.PILES offers you the biggest brands of batteries sold at the best price: CAMELION, maxell , vartaDuracell, Panasonic or RAYOVAC  - Decreasing price depending on the quantity purchased. Our customer service remains at your disposal for any questions, a reference you are looking for, need for large quantities. Ordering from our company Electro.Piles helps preserve jobs in France! SYDEREP number for placing batterie.