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Baby shower present ideas.

Have a friend or family member who’s pregnant? eBay can help you find the perfect baby shower gift.

One-pieces or onesies, as well as pants and tops are great options for expectant parents. If you don’t know if you’re buying a gift for a baby boy or baby girl, choose a unisex item in a neutral colour so your present will be suitable no matter what the stork delivers on the day.

Gifting baby clothing suited to babies three months old and up is also a good idea – this way the new parents will have plenty of suitable clothing on hand beyond the first couple of months.

Baby accessories are also excellent gifts. Unisex hats in neutral colours look cute and will keep the baby’s head warm. Other baby accessories that will help mum and dad include zip-up swaddles for the baby’s first days of sleeping and bibs for messy feeding time.

Along with diapers, bottles, pacifiers and toys, you’ll find thousands of baby shower gift options on eBay.