Batteries, Chargers

How to keep all your devices charged and ready to use.

Avoid getting caught out with dead tech, electronics and equipment by buying the right batteries to power your devices from eBay.

Common items such as remote controls, clocks and smoke alarms rely on single-use batteries. eBay has batteries in a wide range of different sizes and voltages to fit your different household equipment.

If you don’t want to rely on single-use batteries, you can try rechargeable batteries and chargers that over time prove to be a cost effective way to save money.

For example, if your remote control takes two AA batteries, you can buy four rechargeable AA batteries. That way, when one pair dies, you have another fully-charged pair ready to use. Then you can put the drained ones on the charger so they’re ready for next time.

There are different chargers for different batteries and chargers that work for multiple battery sizes and voltages available too.

Purchasing backup single-use or rechargeable batteries on eBay is a great way to make sure you aren’t caught out when you want to use your favourite devices.