Fancy dress ideas for groups.

Wearing a costume for a fancy dress party is better when you’re with a group of similarly dressed friends. eBay is a great place to turn for ideas for your next get-together.

Dressing up as your favourite zoo creature is the perfect costume solution for your inner party animal. Onesie and full-body zip-up outfits make costume planning for your next fancy dress party a breeze. Waddle around like a penguin, growl like a bear, hop like a rabbit and prowl like a cat with a costume from eBay. The many options make this theme great for larger groups of fancy dressers.

Superheroes and supervillains are another popular group costume idea. Dress as Batman, Thor, Hulk, Superman and more or powerful heroines such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl or the Sailor Moon crew.

If you and your friends are Harry Potter fans, buy Hogwarts school outfits. Add wands and books of spells to go with your Gryffindor or Slytherin robes.

With so many great group costume choices and accessories on eBay, there’s no reason your group shouldn’t be able to come up with a fun theme for your next fancy dress party.