Drives, Storage & Blank Media

Which method of digital storage should you use?

To figure out how much digital storage you need, think about what you need to store on your laptop, camera and tablet. Movies, music and photos take up a lot more room than simple word documents. Once you have an idea of the size you need you can shop on eBay to find the right digital storage tools.

If you have thousands of songs, videos or photos, buying an external hard drive to store them is a good idea. An external hard drive saves valuable space on your computer and will prevent your computer from slowing down.

Portable hard drives can hold thousands of files. A portable hard drive with a terabyte (1000 gigabytes) of space will be suitable for all your digital storage needs. If you don’t have lots of large music and movie files a small hard drive is perfect. You can use a 4 gigabyte USB flash drive for smaller transfers and a 128 gigabyte flash drive for moving larger files.

You can also use blank media such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs to move or store data and files. These are especially great for playing videos on different equipment. Blank media also makes it easy to make physical copies of data for multiple people.

If you want to free up space on your computer, eBay has the drives and blank media you need to store your data.