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Handy accessories for your home equipment.

If electronic equipment is an important part of your life, make sure you’re getting the most out your devices with the range of accessories on eBay.

You can enjoy your electronics to the fullest with new power cables and connectors. A high-quality HDMI cable provides a clear connection between your computer and TV and makes it easy to watch videos and use streaming services on a bigger screen.

Power cables, extension cords and power boards keep your technology safe and let you connect your electronics to outlets on the other side of the room. Cords measuring as long as five metres are perfect for larger rooms with only one power point or running electricity to electronics outside.

You can also better enjoy your tech with eBay’s selection of remote controls. A single smart remote can give you control over several pieces of equipment and is especially handy if you have a connected home system.

You might already love your home electronics. But adding a few key accessories from eBay will help you get maximum value out of your equipment.