Home, Personal Security

Home security options to help keep your family and possessions safe.

For increased protection for you, your family and your possessions, consider the home security options available on eBay.

Alarm systems including CCTV cameras, sensors and other motion detectors are great security options that you can customise to suit your property.

Quality window and door locks are another way to improve home security. A digital door lock that requires a code for entry is especially great if you live in an area with a lot of foot traffic.

For in-home security, a traditional combination or key safe can keep valuable possessions such as passports and jewellery secure at all times. If you want something a little different, hidden compartments or lock boxes shaped as everyday items like books and food cans are a great way to keep things safe.

Whether you want a comprehensive security system with alarms and cameras or smaller safe containers to use inside the home, eBay has a range of solutions that can help improve your safety and security