Pottery, Glass

What do you need to know before starting a vintage pottery collection?

Time to start collecting? Before getting carried away, it’s a good idea to do some background work to find out what’s most of interest. While some collectors simply collect everything, this can lead to overspending and over-collecting. Instead, try to narrow it down to one or two favourite companies, and collect pieces within those families. This also makes research much easier; finding out what pieces to buy, what they’re worth and when their value is high or low.

Finding antique and vintage pottery has never been easier. eBay has a fantastic collection of pottery, allowing collectors to find pieces they like, compare prices, and buy from all over the world. Before making a purchase, it’s important to check photos for any damage, and ask the seller questions about the piece’s heritage if needed. It’s also important to check that the seller will pack and ship the piece correctly, to minimise damage in transit.

How do you find decorative glass items to give as a gift?

Decorative glass items can be beautiful gifts; whether for Mother’s Day, a special birthday, or as a wedding present. But what to choose? eBay offers a great starting point, providing an extensive selection for potential buyers to browse and find great gift ideas.

Still looking for ideas? Take a look at eBay’s collection of glass paperweights, stained glass, pressed glass, glass lamps and art glass. There is sure to be something that’s perfect, it’s simply a matter of looking.