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Tell your story with scrapbooking.

Photographs capture some of the most important events of your life. Scrapbooking tools from eBay can help you keep these memories safe.

The first things you need are albums and pages. Make sure the pages you buy can be fastened into the albums you choose.

There are different kinds of adhesives you can use to attach photos and decorations to the pages. Use small white double-sided tape to attach photos because it is less likely to damage them; coloured tape is an easy way to add borders and decorate.

Stickers and coloured paper can add a fun theme to a set of photos. For example, pictures of a beach trip can be accompanied by beach themed stickers to add some fun and personality.

Another way to enhance your scrapbooking is to cut your photos into different shapes. While you want to be careful not to damage the main focus of the pictures, using die cutters, punches and scissors with shaped blades can add some flair.

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative way to keep your photo memories safe. eBay has all the tools you need to get started.