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Which travel accessories should you never leave home without?

Getting ready to pack? It’s time to look out those handy packing travel accessories. Vacuum bags can provide a great way to save space in a suitcase, allowing more clothes to fit in a smaller space. Remember that vacuum bags only reduce the size of the clothes, not the weight. With more space in the suitcase, it can be tempting to pack more. Check the weight of the suitcase before leaving the house using portable suitcase scales. Other helpful travel accessories for packing include a case tidy, a cosmetics organiser, luggage tags and a padlock.

For the flight itself, certain essentials can make the experience so much more pleasant. A neck pillow can aid sleep, keeping the neck supported even when sleeping sitting up. Flight socks can help increase circulation, while eye masks can cool the eyes and keep out annoying ambient light. Ear plugs are perfect for drowning out loud conversations and crying babies, or alternatively, invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to listen to music or watch movies.

After touch down, travel accessories such as money belts and travel wallets can help keep cash, cards and passports safe. Meanwhile, other essentials such as translators, guide books, adapters and

travel toiletries sets can make travel much easier. Check out eBay for a full range of options.