Set up Coupon Codes for Your Buyers

Read This if

  • You’re a Store subscriber and you want new ways to attract buyers and set up special offers for your listings 
  • You want to offer a discount to specific customers instead of adjusting the price of your items
  • You want more control over your promotions

Key Dates

From April 2021

The new Coded Coupon tool will become available in the Seller Hub Promotions tab

What you Need to Know

The new coded coupons tool will allow you to offer discounts to your buyers using a coupon code. This will replace the codeless coupon tool. 

You can create coupon codes that can either be shared on or privately through your own marketing channels. For example, you could:

  • Create a $10 off code such as ‘UPDATE10’ and choose to display it on the listing page, on the cart page and at checkout 
  • Send a physical coupon to your customers in your parcels such as ‘REPEAT10’ for $10 off their next purchase using the ‘Print a coded coupon note’ option from the Seller Hub Orders tab

With the coded coupon tool you can:

  • Set a start and end date for your coupons
  • Decide on a maximum budget for your campaign 
  • Set a minimum spend or cap the number of times a coupon can be used
  • Choose whether to offer your discounts to all buyers visiting your listing or to offer a private coupon that you send to select buyers

Next Steps

  • Keep an eye out for the new coded coupons option to be available when creating a new promotional campaign
    • When available, go to Seller Hub, click Create a Promotion and then click Coded Coupon