Making Postage Easier on eBay

Read This if:

  • You post a large number of parcels and want to save on domestic postage costs
  • You want to organise postage for your eBay and Shopify orders in one place  
  • You purchase Australia Post postage labels on eBay
  • You use rate tables to choose postage options

Key Dates

Now live 

  • Discounted business postage rates with Sendle on eBay
  • Australia Post price change as of 1 March 2021

From April 2021

  • Print Australia Post international labels via the eBay Labels Platform
  • Upload tracking for your customers and select your shipping service in your rate table

Discounted Business Postage Rates With Sendle

If you post an average of 20 or more parcels per week, you may be eligible for discounted business postage labels with Sendle. These are now available on the eBay Labels Platform, starting from $5.47, including both Sendle's pickup and drop off services. To qualify for discounted business rates with Sendle, you must meet at least one of the following criteria over a consecutive 8 week period*:

  • 160 eBay postage labels printed, or
  • 160 eBay transactions for sellers who have an eBay Plus subscription, or
  • 300 eBay transactions for sellers who don’t have an eBay Plus subscription

Once you qualify, you'll see the discounted rates for Sendle delivery options when buying and printing postage labels on eBay*. These rates will also apply for sellers using the multi-channel eBay Shipping Portal, where you can easily integrate your Shopify store orders and purchase postage labels on eBay.

Discounted Business Rates With Sendle on eBay

Max Weight

Max Volume

Same City










Multi-Channel Shipping Portal for Your eBay and Shopify Orders

Our new multi-channel eBay Shipping Portal allows you to pay for and print postage labels for your eBay and Shopify orders in one place. 

How it Works 

  1. Log in to your eBay account via the eBay Shipping Portal 
  2. Go to the Channels tab and connect your Shopify store
  3. Refresh orders in the Orders tab to view your most recent orders from all channels

In the Orders tab, you can either buy postage labels in bulk or print labels individually. eBay will show the cheapest postage option per order based on the parcel’s weight, dimensions and the buyer’s location.

Australia Post Price Change

We have changed Australia Post’s pricing on our labels platform from 1 March 2021. The pricing is now aligned with Australia Post retail rates. You can see the new pricing on the Seller Centre.

Delivery Estimates Optimisation

We estimate delivery dates for your listings using the eBay machine learning model based on historical tracking information, buyer/item location and postage service. 

We understand how important it is for your listings to display accurate delivery dates. We’re continuing to improve this model to display estimated delivery dates with greater accuracy. 

To help us, it's important you keep uploading valid tracking. Tracking information ensures we can optimise the model for more accurate delivery estimates.

Rate Table Updates

Currently, eBay rate tables let you choose a relevant standard or express postage services for your listings, which buyers see. 

We’re improving rate tables, so you have more control over the postage services for your listings. From April, you’ll be able to use your rate tables to choose which postage services buyers see on your listings at a carrier level. Where you offer an expedited/standard postage service in your rate table, you can select which service customers get to see.

Next Steps

  • Use eBay postage labels for your order fulfilment and unlock discounted prices for Sendle postage labels on eBay
  • Visit the multi-channel eBay Shipping Portal to  connect your Shopify orders and purchase postage labels on eBay
  • From April this year, you can use your rate table to select which carrier’s postage service you wish to use for your listings

Helpful Links

*Criteria must be maintained on a rolling 8 week basis to continue receiving the discounted rates.