Automate Your Promoted Listings Campaigns

Read This if

  • You want to save time when setting up your Promoted Listings campaigns 
  • You want to boost your item’s visibility but you don’t have a lot of time 
  • You frequently list new inventory on eBay and you find creating new Promoted Listings campaigns time consuming

Key Dates

From April 2021

Automated Campaigns will launch for Promoted Listings

What you Need to Know

You’ll soon be able to automate your Promoted Listings campaigns, to save you time and help you reach more buyers. This new feature will automatically add or remove listings from campaigns and adjust ad rates all according to rules that you set.

How it Works

You will be able to create rules to set-up how you want your campaigns to run: 

  • Set up rules using filters for things like price or category of your item. This will determine which listings will be pulled into your campaigns
  • Set and automate your ad rates to the daily suggested ad rate for each listing
  • Once launched, listings will be automatically added or removed from your campaign according to the rules you have set

Next Steps

Be on the lookout for this new feature to become available on the campaign creation page, so you can save time by automating your campaigns.