Create Better Buying Experiences With Tracking

Read This if

  • You track less than 95% of your eBay orders 
  • You get customer enquiries about when parcels will be delivered
  • You receive a high number of Item Not Received claims

What you Need to Know

Handling items quickly and tracking orders is important in managing buyer expectations and protecting you against claims.

If you’re not already uploading valid tracking we recommend:

  1. Using a tracked service with an eBay-integrated carrier to send your eBay orders
  2. Uploading tracking for your orders within your stated handling time
  3. Selecting the correct postage service in the item listing or in your business policies 


Why Tracking is Important 

There are many benefits of using a tracked service including: 

  • Protection against 'Item not received' claims
  • Fewer messages from buyers asking when their item(s) will be delivered 
  • More accurate estimated delivery dates


Tracked and Untracked Letters 

If you’re looking for a tracked letter service for small items, you can purchase tracked postage letters in bulk through the Australia Post eBay store.

If you are choosing to send some of your orders in an untracked letter, ensure these items are classified under the correct postage service (Australia Post Domestic Regular Letter Untracked) in your postage policies. 

Keep in mind if you use an untracked postage service (Australia Post Domestic Regular Letter Untracked):

  • Your listings may show longer estimated delivery dates to manage buyer expectations 
  • Your listings may be placed lower in search results
  • You won’t be protected if a buyer opens an ‘Item not received’ request. We may also  automatically step in and decide the outcome of any unresolved requests where no tracking information is available. More information can be found on the Seller Centre and in the eBay Money Back Guarantee Policy

A Reminder About eBay’s Virtual Tracking Number

If you are using Australia Post, eBay’s Virtual Tracking Number is an alphanumeric code ('ebay' plus 7 characters) that is automatically added to Australia Post labels bought on eBay. Please don’t remove the code on your orders so we can provide accurate tracking information to your buyers.

Coming Soon

Tracking is fundamental to providing a good buyer experience and to reducing buyer contacts and claims. In the second half of the year, eBay will be taking extra measures to ensure tracking is available on most transactions. If you don't upload valid tracking on a trackable postage service, you may see your listing affected in search and/or your payments being delayed.

We’ll provide more details in the coming months.

Next Steps

  • Upload valid tracking for your eBay orders
  • If using an untracked postage service, make sure you specify this in your postage business policy