We’ve Redesigned the eBay Listing Experience

Read This if

  • You list on eBay using either your desktop or your mobile

What you Need to Know

We’ve updated the eBay listing experience to make it more consistent across all your devices. The changes are based on feedback from sellers like you and will start to be rolled out over the next few weeks. 

When available, you’ll see an option in the top right corner to “Try the new listing tool” when you're creating new listings. Over the next few months, the new listing experience will become the default way to list.

What’s Changed

This new listing experience has a cleaner design and an interface that’s consistent across all devices - mobile, tablet and desktop. It makes listing easier because you don’t need to navigate multiple listing tools across your devices.

Based on your feedback, we’ve rolled out a number of features and updates including:

  • Background removal available on desktop. Previously only available on mobile devices, this feature helps you create clean product photos for your listings 
  • Saved preferences. We’ll remember your selections for certain options (like your delivery and payment preferences) in the listing flow so you don’t have to re-select them every time you list
  • Terapeak pricing insights. Better insights to assist you pricing your items 


Your listing fields, item specifics and integration with third-party listing tools won’t be affected by these updates.

Next Steps

  • Try out the new listing experience once available
  • Become familiar with this listing experience as soon as you can, as we are working towards making this the default way to list