Making it Easier to Manage Unpaid Items

Read This if

  • You’ve had to file unpaid item claims against buyers or send payment reminders 
  • You want the option to cancel orders that haven't been paid

What you Need to Know

From early April 2021, you won’t need to file unpaid item claims against buyers or send payment reminders. You’ll be able to cancel unpaid orders after 5 days. 

  1. We’ll proactively send payment reminders to buyers. After 5 calendar days, you can cancel the transaction using the 'Buyer hasn't paid' reason in Seller Hub or My eBay Sold
  2. After cancellation, the item will be automatically relisted and applicable fees may be returned to you
  3. Each cancellation where the buyer hasn’t paid will be recorded against them. We’ll block that buyer’s ability to leave feedback and, if they’ve already left feedback, we’ll remove it. Buyers with excessive cancellations due to unpaid items may have action taken against them by eBay in accordance with our Abusive Buyer Policy  

The order can be cancelled by the seller where the buyer hasn’t paid and 5 days have passed since:

  • The buyer committed to purchasing the item
  • The buyer won an auction
  • The buyer accepted your offer
  • You accepted the buyer’s Best Offer

Next Steps

  • Create automatic cancellations in your Preferences for items awaiting payment 
  • Continue to stop purchases from buyers with more than two unpaid item cancellations using your Buyer management preferences