You will soon be able to send Coded Coupons to specific buyer groups

Earlier this year, we launched the new Coded Coupons tool for Store subscribers. We’ve launched improvements which mean you’ll be able to send specific groups of buyers a Coded Coupon directly from Seller Hub.

Read this if:

  • You have an eBay Store subscription
  • You want to send customised coupon codes to buyer groups to encourage them to purchase while staying in control of your marketing budget

Key dates:

  • From December 2021:
    • You’ll be able to send certain groups of buyers your customised coupon codes from Seller Hub
  • In the coming months you’ll be able to:
    • Send a coupon code to buyers who have saved your eBay Store
    • Send a coupon code to eligible buyers that have expressed an interest in your inventory (e.g. added one of your items to their cart)

Reviewed by Georgina Bennet, eBay Seller since 2004

What Georgina has to say about this change

“I love the ability to target coupons to repeat customers to encourage them to revisit my eBay Store and buy again.  I can also use these coupons to tempt new customers to buy products that they are interested in.”

What’s changing?

Earlier this year, we launched the new Coded Coupons tool for Store subscribers. It lets you offer discounts to your buyers with a custom coupon on your inventory. Public coupons appear on the listing and in search. You can also send, print and share coupons - both on eBay and using your own marketing channels. 

From December 2021, you’ll be able to send certain groups of buyers a Coded Coupon directly from Seller Hub. You’ll also be able to track the engagement your Coded Coupons had with your buyers. You can do this in the new segmentation section within the Seller Hub Marketing tab.

Some of the buyer groups you’ll be able to target include repeat buyers, interested buyers as well as buyers who have saved your Store on eBay. 

Buyers will receive an email containing details relating to your Coded Coupon promotion including the coupon code, end date, and your Store name.

Why is eBay making this change?

We wanted to give you more control over the promotions you run on eBay to help you drive sales for your business and build a loyal customer base.


Targeting your Coded Coupons  to certain buyer groups is an easy way for you to encourage existing and potential customers to buy from you. You can use it to target certain groups of buyers when your seasonal inventory has the most potential to sell. 

What does it mean for me?

You’ll start to see some of these targeted coupon options in December with more coming in the next few months.

If you’re looking to offer a discount to buyers, increase your basket size and encourage repeat purchases, Coded Coupons are a great way to do this. You can protect your margins with options like minimum spend, expiry date and budget. Tailor your coupon to the marketing needs of your business by making them available for all eBay buyers, specific buyer groups or sharing them off-eBay. It’s also a way to create an offer without discounting the price for everyone who sees your items. 

Within the new segmentation section in the Seller Hub Marketing tab, you’ll also have access to data to monitor your campaign activity. In the future, you’ll see more reporting capability for you to measure the success of your campaigns.

What should I do next?

From December, you’ll be able to send Coded Coupons to certain buyer groups by going to the Seller Hub Marketing tab and accessing the new segmentation section.

  1. Set up your Coded Coupon campaign 
  2. Select the group you want to receive the code and the coupon campaign you want to send
  3. Eligible buyers in your groups will then receive your coupon codes 

You can also customise your message each time you send a code to a buyer group. Please be aware that the same buyer can’t receive more than one coupon from you in any 14 day period so make sure you choose the most relevant buyers to receive your codes.

By using Coded Coupons, you agree to these Promotions Manager Terms and Conditions. Buyers who redeem your Coded Coupon offer will agree to these Coded Coupon Terms and Conditions which will operate between you and the buyer. Please read each set of the terms and conditions carefully before you start using Coded Coupons.