eBay Stores have been upgraded, learn more about the new functionality

We’re continuing to invest in improvements to eBay Stores to make them a world-class tool for growing your business on and off eBay. See the changes we’ve made to build your brand, engage with your buyers, and grow your business.

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Reviewed by Steve Mcinnes, eBay Seller since 2003

What Steve has to say about this change

“Making stores more functional for buyers will help me make more sales on a single visit and the new , simpler promotional tools will help me bring the buyers back again.”

What’s changing?

Your Store is your brand’s home on eBay. It’s more than a window for buyers to browse your listings; it’s a tool to build your brand, engage with your buyers, and grow your business. 

We’re continuing to invest in improvements to eBay Stores to make them a world-class tool for growing your business on and off eBay: 

  • There are now more ways for you to tell your story and build your brand through your Store, including a new About tab
  • You’ve got more ways to drive traffic to your Store, including an easier way for you to create custom newsletters and for buyers to choose to get them
  • You’ll soon be able to manage your Store from a dedicated tab in Seller Hub
  • Over the coming weeks, you’ll see new features to help engage buyers to shop once they’re on your Store. These include featured products, visual navigation for your categories, clickable marketing banners, and customised policy blocks

Why is eBay making this change?

You may have already noticed some enhancements to how you and your buyers experience Stores on eBay. With simplified designs and an upcoming dedicated Store tab in Seller Hub, Stores are getting easier for your buyers to find, and easier for you to manage and increase brand loyalty.

Over the past year, Stores have got a new, simplified design that helps you engage buyers no matter what device they’re using. Stores have also expanded from desktop-only to mobile web and the eBay app which means more traffic directed to your Store.

What the numbers say

from the app when stores became available

20% increase in traffic*

for buyers who visited a seller’s Store

~25% more likely to buy**

For buyers who visit a seller's Store

Spend at least 25% more

What does it mean for me?

If you are an eBay Store subscriber, you can now:

  1. Upload your logo and custom banner

You can upload custom branding to your Store, including your logo and a unique banner. Adding your branding helps you make a good first impression. Now, it also helps eBay drive traffic back to your Store, by showcasing your logo in places like your listings.

  1. Add your story in a new About tab

As part of the Store design update, you’ll see a new About tab. Use this space to add a description of your brand or company and tell your business’ story. Your About section helps build trust with your buyers and lets them know more about who they’re buying from.

  1. More visibility for your Store

When you upload your custom branding, we’ll display your Store link and logo on your listings. This gives buyers an easy way to find your Store. We may also feature Stores on buyers’ Stores Hub, making them more visible and easier to find than ever.

Your Store is more likely to be featured if you complete all of the information, add logos and banners, and maintain high seller standards

  1. eBay Store newsletters

With eBay Store newsletters, you can create and send custom campaigns to buyers who’ve signed up to get your newsletter.

Now, you have an updated Store newsletter tool that’s more effective and easier to use. With this new tool, you can build modern, engaging newsletters in minutes. Just pick one of our ready-made templates, customise it to fit your brand and message, and choose how often to send it.  

Learn more about eBay Store newsletters. 

  1. It’s now easier for buyers to choose to get your newsletter

Buyers can save your Store to their favorites and now, when they clicks ‘Save’ they can also choose to get your newsletters. The simplified, modern Store design puts this option right on your listings, making it easier than ever for buyers to choose to get your newsletter.

What’s next for Stores

Over the coming weeks, you’ll also see new features to improve how you engage buyers on your Store, including:

  • Manage your Store from a dedicated tab in Seller Hub: It will be easier than ever to manage your Store, with a dedicated Stores tab in Seller Hub. Add your logo and customise your Store - all from one easy access point.
  • Showcase featured products: Choose what products you want to showcase. Buyers will see them in a dedicated module at the top of your Store.
  • Highlight your categories for easy, visual navigation: Choose which categories to draw attention to, and give your buyers a quick, visual way to navigate what you offer
  • Marketing banners: Create clickable marketing banners to grab buyers’ attention and showcase products, sales, or promotions. 
  • Customise and communicate your Stores’ policies: Let buyers know what to expect for postage, returns, or warranty services etc.

Newsletter sign-up from your About tab: In the coming weeks, your Store’s About tab will get a new button to encourage buyers to sign up for your newsletters.

What should I do next?

  • If you’re already a Store subscriber, head over to your Store to see how easy it is to update and design 
    • Make sure to add your logo and a custom banner, fill out your Store’s About page, and create your custom newsletters.  
  • If you don’t already have a Store subscription, learn more about the benefits.

*Based on data surveyed from sellers across all eBay sites in December 2020.

**Based on data surveyed from sellers on eBay.com between January and November 2020.

***Based on a 360 day look forward for US buyer transactions occurring in January 2020.