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How selling works

Selling has never been easier with eBay. Watch our super-quick video tutorials for more info on each step.

1. Snap it – Show off your item with plenty of photos. Use good lighting and make sure all the details (including any flaws) are pictured clearly.
2. Write it – Fill in as many details as you can – this helps buyers find your item and buy with confidence.
3. Price it – We'll give you some guidance to help you pick your ideal (but fair) price.
4. Post it – After the buyer's paid, send the item as soon as possible. For a quick and easy option, buy and print a postage label in My eBay, then drop the parcel off.

How much does it cost to sell on eBay?

You can list up to 40 items for free every month. When your item is sold, we charge a small fee based on the final price. Additional fees apply to optional features and services, such as printing postage labels.
Learn more about the details of our selling fees, and see how you could save with our price promotions.

How can I boost my chances of selling?

If you've filled out all the details of your item and added some high-quality pictures, you're already well on your way to finding a buyer. Following our pricing guidance and allowing buyers to make offers are two great ways to attract more buyers and sell faster.
Check out our video on how to make the perfect eBay listing.

What's the best way to send my item?

We've taken the hassle out of posting your sold items with eBay postage labels. You'll skip the queue and save money with our discounted rates.
Simply print the label onto normal paper and tape it to the package, then drop it off at a location near you. The postage cost is added to your monthly seller invoice.

What can I sell?

You can sell just about anything on eBay! Aussies have approximately 25 unwanted or unused items per household, and could make up to $4,200 from their unwanted items*.
*Source: Gumtree Second Hand Economy Report

Still have questions?

Check out our Help pages for more information on selling or contact Customer Service.