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Advice to Help You Effectively Sell Video Games Online

The near-ubiquitous nature of video games in today’s society means that there is a booming market that you can capitalise on right now. Before you do, read the following brief but informative guide in order to create the most effective eBay listings possible when you decide to sell your video games.

What details must I include in my listing when selling my video games?

Clear and concise communication is necessary when trying to catch the eye of potential video game buyers browsing on eBay. Start with the game's title and manufacturer, followed by all the possible systems that the game can be played on. Continue with a brief synopsis of the game itself, commenting on its popularity or perhaps its rarity. Conclude your listing with a statement concerning the game’s condition. Make it clear whether you're selling used video games or new ones.

How do I determine a fair price when I am selling my video games?

Given the size and popularity of this market, there is no shortage of resources available that will allow you to research your games. These are both in print and digital form. It is important that you take some time to investigate the value of identical video games prior to deciding on a price to ensure that buyers don't overlook your product or take advantage of you. A little legwork can translate into the difference between a successful sale and no sale at all.

How many photos should I include when selling video games?

Two photos should suffice for each game that you are selling. Take clear shots of both the front and back of the game, and include close-ups of any damage or blemishes it might have, even if it does not affect the game’s performance. Many buyers are not just players, but they are also collectors who take great pride in the condition of their game library. If your games are in mint or near-mint condition, play this up as it is can be a crucial selling point when a buyer is trying to decide between two or more sellers.